What was your first Anker product and is it still in use?

My first Anker product was the Astro 5600mAh external battery, purchased in October 2013. It is still going strong. While I now own several Anker external batteries, it might be my favorite because of the built-in flashlight and the most convenient shape that fits in my hand or pocket. I’d love to see an updated version with IQ technology.


I forgot what year I bought my stuff, but my first product was a spare battery for my HTC Sensation for T-Mobile, thats when I had an Android Phone, it was good to carry spare batteries when my phone was going to die.

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My first was the Anker 5000 dpi gaming mouse that I purchased 2 years ago. Its still working to this day, but I’m afraid that it could die on me in the coming months. Sadly they did discontinue the mouse , and I wasn’t able to stock up.


My first Anker Product was a PowerCore 20100.

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This was also my first Anker product. Mine’s still going strong, as I still use it for Pokemon Go!

Car cig 2-port USB charger. One port for iPhone and one for Android. This is before they have the Power IQ logic. No longer in use. My wife keeps complaining I have wasted so much money on chargers that I no longer use because I got better ones.

My first was Samsung Galaxy S2 battery, and tbh it sucked from the very start, but all of my other products are working at least fairly well, if not excellently. I just wish they had more innovation and invention and had more exciting products.

I think my first was an old 10,000 mAh battery. I think it may have been from before they introduced the Astro line? Also have a 4-port wall charger from that same time period. Both are showing signs of age, but still get the job done!

Power cord 5000 and a two USB wall charger. Charges faster than any other charger due to the output so less time waiting.

Mine too! two years ago and still have

Mine too.
two years ago and still have

1st gen E5 purchased over 3 years ago. I’m still using it… actually have it with me now.

A 10000mah battery pack

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My sister got me my first product on Christmas, a lipstick charger and I think it was 3300 mAh and it was silver. It is still in great condition but I don’t use it as much because my PowerCore Slim has a much higher capacity.

my first anger product was an iPhone 6plus case. this case came with a built in screen protector, and had amazing support for drops. it was so great than i bought another one for my mom!

My first Anker product was from 2013… a replacement battery for the HTC Inspire 4G because its original battery was poop. The longest lasting that I am still using, is a 6ft micro usb cable… For me it has lasted and I recommend their cables to anyone… my sister got one but was careless and broke one somehow… it wasn’t torn or anything and the connectors were fine but it didn’t work anymore AND Anker replaced it when I emailed them for help… and I mentioned the one I still have and still in use with a bent connector that still works and they replaced that one too. They are an amazing company when it comes to warranty, and that’s why I continue to buy their products. But with their long lasting cables, you would think they would run out of business.

My first Anker product was an usb car charger

My first Anker product was the Astro E4 2nd gen. bought it because I was working festivals on the weekend and needed power. Only last week, the 2A USB port on it broke so partially works I guess lol. Still good for a slow charge :+1:t2:

I have a wall socket plug with two usb slots in the back. My only complaint is, it’s not very stable. It’ll fall off the wall pretty easily. Especially with both USB ports in use.