What was the most useful item you got (purchased) from ANKER?

I know this a difficult question to be answered.

But because the mystery of the mystery box is getting more exciting :
“Who knows whats inside?”
“Who will tell that first?”

So I emphasize “useful”. :wink:

I got two things I never would have bought before because I didnt know such were existing (Neanderthalean) and now I really need these.

The RoboVac → “old Willy” and the EUFY lumies

Both make my life here in the old house much more comfortable.
But not to forget the bolder torch.
Helps me to detect hidden items at the flea market in the very dark mornings.

speakers and earbuds are another thing. :smiley:


Eufy Robovac 25C aka The AstroBoy and the Anker PowerWave+ Pad with watch Holder are the best and most useful Anker Products I have!!! These are used daily!!! and missed the most important one… Anker PowerPort Atom 4 PD… this is the one which powers my Laptop, wireless charging, headset stand :smiley:

Also among other notable products are Nebula Capsule / Prizm and PowerCore 5000 Portable… but those are for some other times!

PS: there are so many more, will need a separate thread for it :rofl::joy:

The bluetooth dongle thing that you can send to and from via aux and optical cable. Really useful for old car radios without bluetooth but with aux port.

No I was not asking about a list.
You did that what I was asking for.
The items what comes you in mind immediately.
Daily and useful use.
But “useful” can be intepreted in many ways! :wink:

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:slight_smile: These are the items I think I cannot miss a single day… Powerwave+ is my go to charging device for iphone & Apple watch, Astroboy does his work daily, without any questions…

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I got that too.
It worked fine. But we use our car here not often.
Thank goodness we got a subway station near to the house.
So I donated it to a friend.
He is a workman spending more hours on the road than really working.
Immense traffic all over the world.
Here in big cities its really incredible meanwhile.

For me its the Nebula Capsule Mac, i use it daily

Technically I use my screen protector the most :joy:

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Mine are my Soundbuds Curve, which are coincidentally being semi-replaced by a pair of Life Q20s which are arriving today.

Roav Smartcharge T2 and Soundcore Journey U

It is one of the Anker Powerbanks. I do not remember which one it is and can not find it right now as somebody is using it right now. Lol. My kids have a bad habit of not charging their devices until the die. Glad I will be getting a colored power core slim here in the near future.

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The most useful items I’ve purchased from Anker are;
Soundcore Boost 20w and PowerLine+ II.
I use the PowerLine daily and the Boost several times each week.

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i will have to say my Anker 4 port USB charger (I’ve a few of them) but being in a household of 4 people who have a multitude of devices that require being charged often at similar times - then these are priceless.

Can my answer include all the power line cables :joy:

Especially if sharing car with friends who dont like your music.

My music?
It’s the best! :joy:

Probably the Roav F0 and CD Slot Universal Phone Holder. Those two things paired together in my previous vehicle made life so much easier. The Roav FM transmitter worked wonderfully, and I needed some sort of mount for when I had my phone charging.

For me it’s the Anker 49.5W car charger since I use it daily in my car (I drive a lot for work) and USB C to UBS C powerline+ II cable

I’d say a Powercore. Always has been as they represent technology extension. I usually leave the house with a 10000 PD Slim currently as it lasts me, and anyone I encounter with a flat phone, all day and I recharge it fast enough overnight. Faster to recharge than just a regular 10000 which was one of my earlier faves, but 4 hours recharge better than 8 hours recharge.

It’s cool wet winter here and I keep my phone with the 10000 PD Slim in my front coat pocket.

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Mine would be the Powercore 10000 I got as a Christmas present in 2017

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Now I want a Powercore lol

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