What to do with those Apple stickers?

If you’ve purchased an Apple product, you’re likely familiar with those white Apple stickers included in the box. What do you do with them? This weekend, I found that they don’t look too bad on the back of the Astro E1!


I have 20 stickers and yet don’t want to use them :joy:


20 stickers? WOW! Can you list all your Apple products?

After I switched from Apple to Samsung, I placed one of the stickers on the back of my Galaxy. I ended up taking it off after a day just cause it looked really stupid.

@joshuad11 I have only used apple products and have never owned any other brand. Usually a product comes with two stickers but I had an iPod touch 4, iPod nano, iPhone 4, iPhone 6, iPad mini, iPad mini 4, Apple watch, Mac book pro 2007, Mac book pro 2013, Mac book pro 2017. Plus I "borrowed my dad’s stickers because he had no use for them. AirPods but they didn’t include stickers I don’t recall.

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Isn’t your MBP 2013 still powerful?

Oh yeah its still a beast, the only reason I I ended up purchasing another is the battery gets shot after a few years. I only get 3-4 hours of use compared to the minimum of 9 I get on the new one. I don’t always have access to an outlet so it basically get ued for its ports, netflix, and other things that I don’t want to put on the new one example software and photo . I feel that since the its only about $250 a year in the long run its better than dropping a few hundred on a chromebook or windows laptop since they don’t have the same quality, OS, or life (years) as a MacBook Pro.

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Why is that?! I have like 40 of these! :joy:

Wow! What all Apple products do you own?

Almost every year of iphone, various macbooks and many ipods. I take all the stickers from my families new Apple products. :imp: but now that I want to go Android I am at a loss of what to do with this stockpile :smirk:

Hahaha. I hoard them too and have yet to use any. :stuck_out_tongue:

They might end up as collector’s item since some Apple products don’t come with apple stickers anymore. Or they can just end up at a museum later down the line :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats why I keep all my old apple products :wink:

Maybe Anker should make stickers too!:joy:


You wise man you! :stuck_out_tongue:

We all have been telling you guys!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Oh and T Shirts! As Prizes :innocent:


:weary::weary::weary:Make zippered hoodies!!!:weary::weary::weary:

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I put my collections of sticker on Anker products as well :slight_smile:


How about letting us cash in our bucks for Anker logo merchandises like t-shirts, cases, etc? That would be so cool!


Ooooo! I like this @AnkerOfficial :heart_eyes: