What to do with extra homebase? Can I activate both Homebase alarms from one camera?

I was able to get two of the 2 camera with Homebase and bonus 2 door sensors kits for $250 each. Even less with an employee discount from Walmart. So it was a better deal just to buy the packaged set over just extra cameras.

Setting everything up has been easy but I am wondering what to do with the second Homebase? I’ve tested the range of the cameras and anywhere I plan to mount them has plenty of signal with just one Homebase installed. Other than putting devices in groups closest to each Homebase so I could use the alarm function on both and share the workload of recording. What else am I missing? Is there a way to just add the second Homebase to use as an additional alarm so I have better alarm sound coverage?

@Uncle_Lupe My experience with 2 home bases is I setup one under my account with eufy app to use just my 2 2k doorbells and the second base I have setup for HomeKit only and added my cameras to that base. It works great that way in separation of hardware. I will add all doorbells to HomeKit once it becomes available for them.But to answer your question you can hook up both but they do not work as one.:v:t2: