What the BUCK

Just wondering what “Bucks” are?

no idea but when you click on the bucks tab you will see that its coming soon =D
so hopefully we will get a announcement about it soon haha

Really not sure either.

I have looked around as well and am unable to find anything.

AnkerBucks were earned in the previous forum/social attempt by Anker. You could earn Bucks in a similar way to earning points here on the new Anker Community!

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Do we get our old Bucks back?

Haha would be nice to know

Also I want to know it…

That is exactly what I’m hoping, too (because I have 600 of them).

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I had an issue with using my points to get Anker $3 credit or whatever it was. It would always give errors. I eventually gave up!

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Never understood how Anker bucks worked in the previous forum…

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Anyone got their Bucks back?

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