What the best Anker product for a college student

Hello there I’m a full time college student looking for the best products that would get me through the day.

Battery pack to recharge your phone from using social media during class.

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Screen protector, and a good Anker case, and some Anker charging cables and you will be set. Now if you are a rich college student get their LED desk
lamp they are great lamps! And a Anker powerhouse for all those late night parties! Gotta keep the lights on! :joy:

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From experience, I recommend the PowerCore 20100. This portable battery has enough juice to get you through the day. The battery pack is not very big and can easily fit in your pocket. I highly recommend getting the PowerCore 20100 in Black.

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I’d go with a BT speaker… pull that thing out anywhere vastly improves your ability to start a party anywhere!

Thanks guys.

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I’d probably say the PowerCore Slim 5000 as is is sleek and powerful.

Get a good power bank and wall charger and you can last 24/7 through those finals study session.

It depends what you’re in the market for.

The first thing you need to do is compute your needs. Do all of your devices charge off USB? My tablet and phone does but not say Chromebook.

I’m going to use two product examples here just to show the maths involved, replace with your actual devices. Say a OnePlus3 phone which is USB-C and 3000mah, and say a Pixel C tablet with USB-C and a 9243mah battery, so you’re carrying inside your gadgets 12243mah of gadget battery life.

Then look at how much time you have access to mains power. Sometimes it might be NONE all day or it might say an hour or so somewhere.

Then look at if you actually need anything at all day and if so how much power you are short of.

So say for the purpose of maths your phone becomes totally flat about 2/3rds through the day and you want to make it instead finish 1/3rd charged so you need to add 2/3rds of the power, so you need to inject into your phone 2/3rds of 3000mah which is 2000mah. Then know that USB batteries used to charge phone batteries lose about 1/3rd due to the fact they using different voltages (batteries is 3.7V, USB is 5V so that ratio is most of your apparent loss) so take that 2000mah and it needs to be 2/3rds of the quoted i.a 3000mah. So from your phone calculation you will need to carry 3000mah - in this case that would be enough just with the Powercore+ mini, or the Powercore Slim 5000.

Then do the same calculation for all your other gadgets, say your tablet finishes totally flat at the end of the day and you want to be able to make it be only say 1/4 charged, then you need to add 1/4 of the 9243mah ( = 2310mah ) injected in which ( 2310 * 3/2 ) = 3466mah from USB battery. Add that to the 3000mah above and so you need to carry 6466mah of USB battery. So then you’re talking something like the Powercore 10000mah would be the perfect device as its the smallest lightest to get both your devices through the day with the required level of charge you computed.

If you do that calculation you will find where you land between just a small battery right up to larger or multiple.

Personally what I carry is a Powercore Slim 5000, Powercore 10000, a USB-C cable, a USB-2 cable and a Powerport 2. I use mains power if I’m near or battery if no mains power and I’ve not actually yet ever ended the day flat or remotely near flat.

I would second this recommendation, I got my PowerCore 20100 two months ago & love it. :battery::heart:

I can easily charge my phone 5 times before I run out of juice, so I can get a lot of use out of it.

I would also say get some PowerLine+ cables to go with it as well. They’re great quality & will last you a long time. :slight_smile:

Wow I never look at it that way. Thanks for all the info about the power banks.

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