What server contact is there?

I can connect to the live broadcasts from my 2C cameras and doorbell without being on the local network. Does this connection go through a eufy server before it arrives in the eufy security app? or is it a peer to peer connection

Someone at eufy told me it was all done via the homebase, but im not sure if they properly understood my question or not. Im concerned about my feed going through a server and potentially being available to staff

Hi Tom,

As the eufy team has explained, the data triggered by our device will only be stored locally. After you select the video clip to be viewed through the APP, you still go to the local storage of the device to retrieve the corresponding recorded video.
Please email us at support@eufylife.com if your question persists. Our email team will be more than willing to answer your question within 24 hours.

Thank you for your understanding.

The Anker Community Team

This isn’t what I was asking at all.

I want to know how the app connects to the homebase when they’re not on the same network. Does it pass through a eufy server first or is it a direct connection?

It’s a VERY simple question, and it’s important to know if live broadcasts are being routed through a separate system or location

Hi Tom,

The video data streams directly from HomeBase to the eufy security app and the communication between them is carried out through the P2P connection. The App relies on the server as an address book to find the HomeBase and locate the video.

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Thank you

Do you know what p2p protocol is used?