What search engine to do you use?

Hey guys,
I got into a debate the other day with some friends about which search engine is the best to use. The debate included google, bing, yahoo, and DuckDuckGo. Personally I am a google person but I am also using DuckDuckGo a lot more lately. I was wondering what you guys use when you need to search something up and if there is a reason behind the choice that I am missing out on. Can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say!


Haha ez. I use chrome for PC, and safari for mobile.

For some reason people don’t like safari… I love using it! And for some reason I find it to be faster than chrome on mobile…


I abandoned Google search about 4 years ago and using only Microsoft Bing … It’s pretty decent and good results… plus the Bing page highlights top news and Fun stuff

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I agree, I use Safari all the time.


I use google and sometimes chrome or even Microsoft edge

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I use bing so I can get Microsoft Rewards points and get free Xbox live etc


The trouble with Microsoft search engines, etc is microsoft could discontinue it as it has various operating systems. But I use a few as you can get a wider range.

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use duckduckgo to keep anonymity :slight_smile:

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I use Google through chrome on my laptop and google through safari on my iPhone. I tried using bing but doesn’t work for me for whatever reason

Google all the way for me :slight_smile:


I use google and bing for searching. I use whatever search engine that is attached to the browser I am using

I use Google. I heard good things about DuckDuckGo privacy-wise and I heard Bing is good for when you are searching for certain ‘educational’ videos


Same here, user the rewards points for Microsoft & Amazon Gift cards, Bing is not Google, better than Google :joy:


Google for the win🌐
I like how it syncs with all my devices

I use google.

Can honestly say I’ve never heard of duck duck go

How long does it take to get enough points for rewards?

I use explorer and chrome mostly

Bing has 3 type of rewards for Search from PC 150 points (1 point per bing search daily maximum ), Mobile 100 Points (1 point per bing search from mobile device - daily maximum ), daily quizzes which gives about 20 to 30 points.

Assuming if you search 150 PC+ 100 Mobile+ 20 quizzes / Polls Points daily for a 30 day - month, you may make up to 8100 points per month. Amazon or Microsoft Gift cards cost 5250 points for redeeming $5… so you can at a minimum get a $5 gift card per month.

Note that Microsoft Bing has Bot recognition technology, and other related technology based on IP addresses to make out if you are tricking the system, and will ban you for life if you try to farm points :joy: Users will be banned for life on Bing Rewards

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I was always curious about that how do they send you the gift card like do they send you a code of is it like a legit physical card is the mail

Thanks for the answer. Seems like they take point farming really serious!!