What’s Your Opinion? | Portable Charger Sharing

The “sharing” business is booming everywhere around the world. Bike sharing, AirBnB, Uber, and more. But what you may not know is that Anker has its own portable charger sharing system, in China! Presenting: Ankerbox.

In China, you can rent Anker portable chargers by the hour at places like restaurants, hotels, and karaoke bars. And because this is China, payment happens instantly, by using your phone to scan a QR code. Thanks to Ankerbox, people are free to go about their daily business and never worry about having access to a charge.

Despite the clear advantages, there are still a few lingering concerns some people have about sharing portable chargers.

Have you ever used a service like this? How do you feel about portable charger sharing? Would you like to see something like Ankerbox where you’re from?

If you have some reservations about portable charger sharing, what are your major concerns?

  • Slow Charging
  • Breaches of Privacy
  • Spam Apps
  • Infrequent Distribution
  • Inconvenient Charger Design
  • Fire Risk
  • Overcharging
  • Incorrect Cables
  • Potential Viruses
  • No concerns, I think it’s awesome!
  • I have no need for something like this, since I always take my own portable charger with me
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That voting feature is great @AnkerOfficial !


Nice introduction of the voting feature :smile: :thumbsup:

Probably would be unlikely to use such a service myself as I always carry the trusty PowerCore 10000 when I’m away from sockets for longer periods but I like the idea as a whole, if managed and implemented correctly.


I totally agree with you. They had something like this in Las Vegas when I was there last. Not once did I actually see anyone use it. I myself, like to be able to carry my own and use it whenever I need to… not have to rely on finding one of these stations and then having to return it later. On a side note, I really like the voting feature as well. :slight_smile:


Seen these at a few different places now. Great idea for cafes and pubs. Stops people hunting for seats near the power sockets.
Personally though, I’ll always use my own. As I’ve said on other occasions, I have been known to share it with people I meet on my travels too. :smile_cat:

Nice voting system though, yay new toys! :joy_cat:


I said the same and they deleted my post :scream:


Until these are ubiquitous I carry my own. Therefore I don’t need to use these for a fee.

Anker has a patent for this. I found it but can’t refind. Somewhere close to this


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Haha I guess I had the right to say it, not you ;p


Will this voting system be available for us users? I see a lot of promise there.

I actually learned about Ankerboxes a while ago through an article at some tech website. I remember thinking these are awesome, and probably would make some people get into carrying a portable charger with them - because you can get more flexibility with your own charger you don’t have to return. Some malls in Canada actually offer something similar, in the form of off-brand chargers they lend you for free. It’s not a machine, though, you have to leave an ID with the information booth.


Possibly :wink:


Just tried not yet.

But[quote=“ndalby, post:11, topic:56569”]


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I think bugs might need to be worked out before it goes wider (if it does at all), as I found a way to add one to my post but it had an impact on @AnkerOfficial poll :fearful: (sorry about that), luckily I managed to reverse it so the original came back without loss of votes :blush:

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I wouldn’t be worried seeing “Anker” on the label. However, if it was from a no-name company, I would worry about potential damage to my device. But I usually have my own power bank on me anyways. :smile:


I think as an idea it’s great, even though I have the battery case and carry the 10000mAh pack when travelling (which will now be replaced with the powercore 26800 I picked up at the beginning of the week).

I guess success would depend on the locations they are placed, e.g most airports nowadays have sockets and most people carry plugs with them so I’m not sure it’s would be used to full potential in that scenario, but the likes of coffee shops / bars etc is ultimately the best place for them. I know McDonalds had rolled out wireless chargers built into the tables in some restaurants but that means people have to actually put their devices down for a while and in the current generation that’s just unacceptable lol

How does the charging breakdown work? Is there an hourly / minute rate?
If it wasn’t too expensive and I was on a night out I’d use it to ensure my battery case is fully charged “just in case”

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I also see a potential non-pay use for it. This would be handy for our BSA troop trailer to help with keeping leader devices and GPS units charged while out in the field. Our trailer even has solar panels to charge system internally for lighting and some outlets but this would probably make things a little easier.

Currently looking at getting the Powerhouse Power-Station but this would certainly be a potential option.

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Same here, one of the reasons I’ve never used the mall-lent power banks - the other reason being that I always have my trusted Anker Astro Mini with me at all times.

That said, I can see it being largely used in airports and such, specially if one could pick up the charger at one location and leave it at another.

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Is this the first time this vote function has been used? I don’t think I have seen anything like it so far.

The only thing I don’t like about public charging is I have to go to certain places to get it. I wanted to use it on my desk :))

I think the Ankerbox would be great for theme parks. You could easily drop it off on your way out of the gate.

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