What’s eufy’s New Mystery Product? | Guess and WIN

If you’ve been living…well, virtually anywhere on the planet, you’ve surely been hearing a lot about smart technology and artificial intelligence. It’s taking over every industry and domain, from the high-tech equipment used in summer blockbusters, to the everyday consumer tech you may have in your home.

eufy will soon be bringing AI into the home security space, making your house smarter and safer than ever before.

So, what’s this new innovation all about? Unfortunately, aside from the sneak peak in this picture, we can’t discuss any details or features just yet! But all will be explained next month, when our new Kickstarter launches!

Let the speculation begin. Share your guesses below for a chance to win some PowerBucks. Who will be the first to correctly predict the big reveal?


  1. Leave a comment speculating about features, design, price, or anything else related to eufy’s mystery product.

  2. We’ll randomly choose 3 participants to receive PowerBucks. 2 winners will get 100 Bucks, and 1 lucky contributor will get 200.

  3. Winners will be announced on March 21st.

  4. Anker reserves the right of final explanation.

Thanks for all the interesting inputs!
I’m glad to know our product fits your majority of demand.:grin:

Now is time to announce the winners:

@Kopra_12 200 BUCKS
@amangons 100 BUCKS
@AndyBell 100 BUCKS

Your winning bucks will be updated within 3 days in the account!
We’ll be having more points & bucks contests in the future, so keep an eye out for it!


A wireless outdoor camera system is what I would think this looks like.

  1. Motion sensing technology with both day and night (IR) capability
  2. Wifi connected, most likely through an Anker app that allows live feeds and device/cloud recording
  3. Probably some form of long life rechargable battery system for wire free technology
  4. Weather proof enclosed system to allow year round outdoor use.
  5. Some sort of speaker system maybe for noise detection.
  6. Easily interface with alexa and google home would also be nice.

Price wise maybe around $100 a camera plus a possible hub system to compliment for 75 dollars or so…

How did I do? lol

Great idea by the way!

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Looks like an indoor camera with night vision and I suspect it will have face recognition and be able to alert you who is at your home etc.

From this image, it looks sleek and classy.

Hopefully have

  • some onboard storage or be able to link to a server for storage.
  • Transfer clips over WiFi and/or LTE via an app
  • Live viewing

Price normally around £100.

Security System that has an app controlled through your devices

Looks like a security camera (no doubt with motion detection) and as it has a mic hole I would guess a door entry camera or a version of monitor where audio would be required, such as child/baby safety etc.

Probably will have remote access via BT or WIFI for app usage. Price guess $150 range when it comes to market, $75-99 dollars on Kickstarter…

Another wild guess would be a face detection / biometric door entry system :laughing:

Some sort of IP camera…indoor I would say.

• IR for night vision
• App for iOS/Andriod
• Motion detection with alarm/email alerts
• Record Functionality
• Expandable external Micro SD slot up 128gb

I’ve just got myself a Yatwin 1080p IP camera…was hoping Anker would produce something like this as the majority that are available are pretty poor quality. Would be good to be able to compare the two side by side…if it is what I think it is.

I saw a Eufy IP camera advertised on my Instagram feed the other day, so I’m guessing it’s that. :smile:
If I recall correctly, one of its main features was it’s ability to detect faces. This would be really nice to avoid the typical “motion alerts” other cameras throw any time the leaves rustle in the wind on a squirrel runs across the yard. I’m hoping for a sub-$100 price as well.

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I was gonna say the obvious as everyone else. But I do see an IP camera that has facial recognition AND Tracking…the camera sensors circled in red signify that it is capable of real time tracking and sensing. There is a microphone circled in blue to signify that it will have active recording. All of this paired with a eufy app for tracking and monitoring while amy where in the world.
Pricing would be in the $150 to $200 dollar range when out on the market, maybe $100 to $125 for kickstarter

This appears to be an IP security camera;

  1. indoor/outdoor capability.
  2. day and night (IR).
  3. Motion and sound sensor. Possibly with smoke and fire sensor to be above the rest
  4. App driven for both IOS and Android.
  5. Full 1080P or better camera.
  6. WIFI or LTE connection.
  7. option of battery or plug power source.

Nice to see Eufy comes to the home security field, i would be really interested to get my hands on them :slight_smile:

It would have to be networked, waterproof, could be both mains and battery powered? As there are different holes beside the camera lens perhaps is used to detect people or movement.

AI side, facial recognition, movement detection, auto alarm, and works with other Eufy products to activate e.g. lights and etc.

Cloud storage
iOS and Android App support
Night vision
WiFI support for saving recordings locally or in the Cloud
At least 1080p recording
Motion sensor
Firmware update via App

The more I look at the picture the more it reminds me of my Netgear Arlo camera. It has a sim card and can connect to 4G LTE networks, this alows remote placement and can be accessed via any phone or computer that signs into the app. I can see this being something similar and having more features and capabilities as I mentioned above with the added benefit of a sim card support

Just received an email about the EVERCAM!!! US and Canada only?
@AnkerOfficial are these Eufy products going to make it outside the states?


I saw that and was totally bummed out by it! So many amazing products we are missing out on over here.

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Hopefully it’s the original AnkerCam on steroids. My hubby loves his AnkerCam but unfortunately, it still needs a lot of work. A new AnkerCam with high resolution and better low light sensor would be awesome. I’m hoping that this is a surveillance camera with motion sensor, free cloud storage, higher resolution recording, etc. We’ve been hoping that Anker would make another surveillance cam. Maybe this will be it. Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

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Maybe a GoPro type or Motion Tracking Camera

Maybe a wireless night vision camera

If I had an AI smart security camera, it would…

…Operate night n day. Night time being FLIR

…is app n WiFi controlled

… notifications if camera is set off.

…Can be corded or cordless. Cordless lasting 15 hrs (or all night, or all day, until you can get to recharge it)

… would have face recognition via the app. Upload a clear faced portrait photo of the person.

… is not affected by pets

I’d say, similar but better than a trail cam (the sort hunters/nature folk use).

Would have a price structure. Where 1 model isn’t flir but has lights that come on, but another model does have FLIR etc.

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I am thinking a Nest Cam IQ competitor ($300-$350), so honestly doubt it will be sub-$100, but more in the $100-$200 range. Anker’s options are often on the more affordable side of things.