What random place

What random place have you found Anker products and or people using Anker products out in the wild.?
I was at McDonalds getting coffee and spotted the soundcore mini on the counter. They were listening to music on it overnight the girl said, I informed her of the new mini 2 that can be dual paired and she was extremely interested. She said she will look into it because they can’t hear the music in the kitchen.
This is it on their counter by the register

So what random place have you seen or spotted people using anker products?


Not a random place, but a nice story: When I was testing my Zolo Liberty+, I saw another guy on the subway using it. He was really feeling whatever music he was listening to. It was the early days, the very first week, so he was probably an super early bird like myself. I expected him to open his eyes at some point, but I left the subway before him.

I did saw an Anker Soundcore, first edition by the look of it, attached to a bike in the Tour de l’île last year, blasting some hip hop to a small cloud of cyclists. Not my personal choice of music, but the sound was loud and clear.


I change the place of my FLARE very often.
Being in vacations I put it here and there.
Now it is placed on top of a huge refrigerator,
in the nice little house we rented.

When at home I’m carrying it around often.
As it has 360° sourround the sound is always perfect.
The chargers are located always on a fixed place.

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Lol, not where you use your anker products but where have you spotted or seen other people using anker products

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I’ve not seen anyone ever use Anker. I’ve been all over the UK, either living or hitchhiking.

Even since becoming a regular last sept/Oct last year, I’ve not noticed anyone, and I’m even more aware of the brand now.

My old friend Rudi is using his 3413 is his men’s hideaway.

I’ve never seen anyone use an Anker product yet. I find that a little strange too considering that I travel a lot.

I see people with their batterypacks all the time, but this is the first ih seen their speaker being used

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So I was at work last night and everyone is listening to their own music with their bluetooth speakers. I was rocking to one of the guys music playing and as I come around the corner I find hes using the Flare. I Immediately ask who’s speaker it was and asked what he know about the brand and stuff. He said he got the speaker based in reviews and all the YouTube videos about then, he also mentioned it’s the best bluetooth speaker hes used and is extremely happy with it. I told him if hes that happy with one then he should get another and then he can be really happy with dual immersion sound :smile:


I would recommend to him to get a Flare+ as the second speaker.

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Cool. The brand is spreading…I like that retailers like Walmart and Best Buy (although I seldom shop at either one) actually have these in their brick and mortar stores so the general public can actually see/feel them without having to go through the online order/ship/test/return (if unhappy) process which can be a pain. I would rather go through one of these retailers in person to do my shopping…at least for some of these Anker/Soundcore products.

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Yup, that’s what I mentioned to him and he said once it’s on sale he will buy one…I’m hoping if I can’t win one and he ends up buying one he will let me review it…win win :smile: