What quality does the sound of the products have?

Hi everyone I would like to know who have tried the anker sound equipment I want to buy some headphones and some for my Christmas friends but I do not know how good they are.

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Anker and soundcore have a large variety of earbuds (slim, slim+, curve, spiritX, spirit pro, etc) and they have 2 over the ear heaphones - soundcore vortex and space nc. Soundcore also has a varierty of wireless earbuds.

Most of these items have been reviewed extensively by community members and you can easily search for it.

My personal favorite are spiritX earbuds -waterproof, sounds great, over the ear design doesnt let it slip, comfortable. I also like vortex for the sound and noise isolation ( space nc is for noise cancelation)


Hi Mate,

Depends which will be the uso of them you could get one or other.
Regarding the sound, I had Plantronics Backbeat with an expensive price and compared with my new Slim +, I prefer with no doubt the Slim+.
Really good fit, good sound comparing with others more expensive and water proof.
I train more than 2 hours at day at mountain y sure if had I change it, perhaps I´ll try for Curve model but no for other vendor.
After Christmas I´ll can talk about ZOLO Liberty+ but I think it is more expensive model that you are thinking to give away.