What projector should I buy?

I’m looking for a projector to buy later next year. I’d like a black one, size doesn’t matter, with Full HD (1080p), 720p is fine. The budget is around $500 but slightly over is fine. I’m thinking the Cosmos but am not sure if the extra features are necessary. Otherwise I was thinking the Capsule Max but it’s AndroidTV 8.1 and 720p. If there are small differences between 8.1 and 9.0 I’ll consider the Capsule Max, but if I find a good deal on the Cosmos, that may be the one…unless there is another model out there which suits me.

Later next year is a long time in the tech world, but I’m sure by then a lot of the projectors with features you deem not necessary should have come down by price, but unfortunately with projectors that may not always be the case, as some manufacturers will just discontinue an older model instead of reducing the price of an older model

Thanks, I’ve been researching the Vega releasing early next spring, it’s perfect for me.