What phones do you love and hate?

There are a myriad of phone brands flooding the market and choosing one has an enormous impact on our daily lives.

Everyone chooses a particular phone for different reasons but for most people what matters most is quality. Or, at least, value for their money. Each brand has advantages and disadvantages (like simplicity as opposed to customizability) and those are what top brands like Apple and Samsung bring to us.

But there are a lot of aspects that go into our decision to buy a particular phone. Such as:

Camera: One of the most commonly used aspects of any phone, so it’s important to most people to have a good one. Whether you prefer high-resolution, ease of use, or editing capabilities the most is a different matter. What do you think matters most in a camera?

Features: Some phones grab our attention the instant we look at them. Do you prefer outward features like the Galaxy Edge’s curves? Or are you drawn to software and user interface aspects that vary by phone?

Cost : Some people don’t mind paying big bucks for brand recognition while others are under a budget for a phone. Do you prefer an expensive phone to impress others or something that’s hits the sweet spot of being affordable and functional?

Uniqueness: Sometimes it’s nice to to stand out and an unusual phone is certainly one way to do so. Apple’s always been good at making distinctive phones but took it to the next level by getting rid of the AUX jack. Is it more important to be unique or to be flexible?

Share your experience! Maybe you’ll help someone in our community find their ideal phone. : )


I sense this topic might get out of hand rather quickly. Some people are intensely passionate about their brands! :smiley:

For me however, I have always had Android smart phones (before that it was Symbian…). I have always dealt with Apple products at my work, and although they have their merits, I detest iTunes as a program (various reason). Which put me off the first iphone.

I used to like HTC phones for their software (Sense) and screens. Samsungs tended to anyways have nice cameras but I found their screen too vivid for my liking. As the Nexus line grew up I liked it more and more. So when the Nexus 4 was announced I bought it and I have never looked back. From now on I reckon I will always have a “pure” android phone rather than one with an OS overlay. I find overlays and bloat ware to be very annoying. And yes there are ways to get rid of them, but having to manually do that, then manually update the phone every to often gets boring after a while. Stock Android just updates, and is on the whole, fine with doing it. I also like getting new features first :slight_smile:

Currently I have the Google Pixel.
Yes it costs a fortune for a phone. But for me it is worth it. The camera preforms very well in most situations, which is important to me. I do like being able to take quick pictures no matter where I am. I do find the pictures are rather “soft” when the light is low however.
A big part of me buying the phone was the inclusion of lifetime, full resolution photo and video backups with google. I have used Google Photos to automatically back up my phone pictures for years - February 2010 to be more exact! It works perfectly for me so having this without worrying about the ever increasing files sizes eating up my ever limited space on Google Drive was a massive plus for me. I may not have bought the phone if this was not included.
I’ve also had some fun using the 4K video and amazing slow motion on it. Seeing exactly how my pet parrot takes off and lands in slow motion is amazing :grinning:

For me, a massive part of buying a phone is always about how it feels in my hand. I have quite small hands, so large screen phones can feel cumbersome to me. Especially if they have more weight at the top as this makes me feel like I am always close to dropping it when holding it.
I prefer the edges to be curved, but not the screen. I tried the curved screen on the Samsung, and found I was constantly pressing things I did not mean to!
The hard lines on the Sony’s and the iphone I find too “clinical” and they are not a nice experience for me when holding them.
Materials used is also an interesting bit for me. I like smoothness. The smooth feel of glass, then a subtle change to metal or plastic around the edges is what I like. No “lip” around the screen is required. Same with the rear, no matter what it is made of, plastic or metal or glass. It should be smooth. If plastic, that slightly rubberized texture that is smooth, but grippy at the same time is great.

Part of this love for how a device feels means I never put my phones in cases. At most (normally when the back is covered in scratches) I will buy a vinyl “skin” from Dbrand in some striking colour (orange or purple are my favorites) and stick that on the back. It covers up the scratches, makes my phone look individual and with a bright rear, it is much easier to find with it slips down the side of a couch or such! The DBrand skins also come in various textures, which I like too.


I have iPhone 6 but am regretting it. I feel as though the need to upgrade every 2 or 3 years is becoming less and less because there are fewer compelling reasons. Even shrinking bezels seems like a rather small one. I will say that I bought the 1st gen iPad when it came out for $800 and it was one of the worst purchases of my life… I am also a fan of LG phones, but not so much Samsung or HTC. Google Pixel also seems nice, however.

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To start off, I have always been a fan of Android phones. I do not hate Apple products anymore like I used to because they have gotten better recently. But a while back I wouldn’t touch Apple. I have been heavily brand loyal to Samsung and their Galaxy line up. I have always found them to be reliable and built well. They suit my needs nicely. The camera has always been one of the best or the best. Plus with the new phones, the camera launches very fast. I think the S6 was one of the first phones to launch its camera as fast as it does. I find a fast launching camera to be very helpful for quick pics. The hardware in the galaxy is also above average and has never really let me down as far as speed and processing power goes. The cost is a little high, but it is what you pay for the high end phones that are leading the market (like Samsung and Apple). Fingerprint scanners are also a must for me now. I have used other phones (Sony, HTC, LG) in the past 2 years but I have always favored Samsung. Battery life and fast charging on the Galaxy series now is also awesome.

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Love the Pixel and the HTC 10

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One word: Phablet

All phones have this on their “wishlist” when designing and making a phone.

For me, it started with the Samsung Note series. I fell in love with the style of phone with the Note 2, (RIP Note 2).

After my Note shorted out after 3-4 years, I switched to the Nexus 6, I was blown away by the speed and quickness of pure android. Also, gotta love getting updates the first time.

Camera is great, Wireless charging is very important to me for ease of use.

Cons: Not having external storage is a bummer (had to pay more to get the 64 GB). Also, not having the ability to take battery out and replace. This was extremely nice when I had my note. Never had to plug in, just carried the extra charger with me at all times. Love not being tied to a cord!!!

My wife has an iPhone and they are great too. Ease of use is very good, pictures are great.

I’m an android guy… for now.


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I had two older Samsung phones (flip phones) that needed to be sent in for repairs while on contract (2005-2008) and all they were capable of is calling and texting so after that double whammy I moved on. My next bold move was the Blackberry Bold…Hey now that was an awesome phone for texting. Sooo fast that it made me hate my first smartphone. I would probably still be using it if the curser button had not quit working about 1.5 years in…

The Smartphone years.
My first Android was the HTC Sensation which was highly touted but failed to live up to expectations from the market and therefore getting accessories became a problem and they stopped operating systems upgrades one year in. I used it for 2.5 years and passed it down to my then 14 year old. He used it for about 1 year but complained all the time about how slow it was.

I moved on to the HTC one M7 which I have had and enjoyed for 3 plus years, I rarely use it to play music through the phones speakers but when I do it is second to none. My Camera is excellent but the front lens quickly became cloudy with dust that moved in through the speaker holes. My son moved on to the Iphone 5s which I have to admit takes awesome photos. We have arguments about our phones regularly but since he is living under my roof I always win! Thankfully he knows his phone well and never asks me anything about it. I use an Ipad air for work and I ask him things about IOS or how to do something regularly and his response is “I don’t know”. Which leads me to the theory that all he cares to do with his phone is watch youtube, text and make calls. Boring! I struggle with and hate the concept of just one button to do everything and find just simple tasks like editing anything I type with IOS to be painful.

Who wants unique? My phone is unique from every other HTC or Samsung or Apple, I get to have a new launcher anytime I want and completely customize my pages with new and unique icons, different calendars, I have different ringtones and message tones for all my contacts in my phone and it is so simple to set it up.

When I ask an apple owner they often say that their phone can do it too but can’t explain to me how. and they open their screen and it looks “unique” just like every other Apple.

Anyway enough ranting and bragging, Each to their own. My HTC is finally getting slow as they stopped my upgrades after 2.5 years so I am on the lookout for my next Droid. Possibly the Samsung S7 Edge simply because in Canada they offer the best accessories for that model,( Try to buy anything here for One Plus is next to impossible) and it is not oversized like the htc10 and unlike last time that I owned a Samsung I can now be tossed into a hot tub with phone in pocket and laugh about it… . I can see @Arwen’s point about the fingers pressing apps when you don’t want to around the curved screen of the edge 7 but I am hoping that a proper case will somewhat alleviate that problem and still leave me with a huge screen in a somewhat compact size .

Cost of the device is huge for me and that is why I am researching my next new phone now so that when it becomes affordable I will think back at the fact it was top of the line a year ago so it must be a good buy or people will try it out and I will have no problems buying a slightly used fully warrantied phone. I bought my Son’s Iphone 5s last Christmas and it was over $400 Canadian. I think the damn thing had already been out for 3 years. No thanks not for me.


I bought my wife for her bday and xmas present the OnePlus 3T 128GB version…I have been playing around with it and it is incredible.

Price for the phone is great with the specs it comes with. They call it the Flagship Killer and the specs speak for itself.

Have a peek for yourself on their website


I know! My phone gets slower after every update! UGH. It’s horrible. They are just tricking you and trying to convince you that it’s slow. Also, I hate that so many apps on the App and Play Stores cannot be downloaded because the OS version is too small/low. It’s absolutely horrible! I bought the first generation iPad a few months after it came out, and after two updates, you couldn’t install hardly anything! Plus it was so slow. I paid $800 for it… probably one of the worst purchases of my life. Let me guess… you use Nova Launcher. Also, I totally agree with you on the insane price of iPhones. What proves to me even further that it’s not worth it is the size… a 4.0" inch phone is really tiny. However, I think the best ages of Apple are quickly coming to a cease, and that’s already apparent in the latest prices. I’ve seen prices drop significantly in the last few months, probably more than they had in the year before that! (For iPhones) This trend is also very apparent at my school. Three years ago and it seemed like almost everybody had iPhones. Now, only about 1/3 do, and half of them are iPhone 5 and 5ss!!! Crazy how times change isn’t it!


I’ve never been too fond of just basing everything on specs… not saying the OnePlus’s are bad, but I’ve seen so many foreign market phones that have an insane amount of ram - 6 gb - that perform horribly. Optimization is where it often counts. Are you a benchmark guy or just a spec one?

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Yup :grinning: with zedge icons/ringtones and HD widgets. [quote=“joshuad11, post:10, topic:28981”]
I hate that so many apps on the App and Play Stores cannot be downloaded because the OS version is too small/low

Funny that I have never had an app not work on my phone and I try out at least one new one a month, some do run slow though and then I just uninstall right away.

And you’re not on a newer OS?

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. I started with Kitkat then jellybean and now 5.1 lolipop all on the same phone. After each major update it felt like a new phone and that’s why I have kept it so long. HTC was awesome with how long they supported it up until now. Most apps probably run fine on Lolipop.

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Sony (including Ericsson brand) and Motorola always used to be my go to brands before switching to iPhone / iOS. Which phone depended primarily on four main factors;

  • camera quality
  • hardware specs
  • cost (not on contract so £200-£400 bracket, for at least 24 months use)
  • size (anything under 5", its a phone not a tablet I need)

Motorola unfortunately started to lose their way and Sony, while turning out some brilliant spec phones, gave me the misfortune of two defective units in a row. That combined with Apple integrating more of the MacOS with iOS gave me a reason to make a jump to iPhone (but the eye watering cost was hard to swallow :scream:)

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I have had a smartphone since 1997 so that’s 20 years. Before that I had a PDA, phone and datacard.

For nearly every year the usual problem has been first battery life, 2nd has been storage.

As what you could do with smartphones has increased they moved from gimmick through convenience to an essential item particularly for travel (duh, mobile!).

I currently carry two phones either/or depends on the trip. I bike commute so for me on a bike it is a small cheap phone I can hold in one hand, and for that I use a $99 Moto G4 Play but it can crawl if I tax it. In other situations I use a OnePlus2 where I need performance, but it doesn’t last as long on battery. When I’m spending weeks on the move from home I have both so I have a spare and use both. These two phones I have with ample storage done differently, one has SD 64GB card, the other 64Gb built-in.

I have touched Apple phones and spoken with their owners but in my opinion it’s hyped overpriced.

Typed on my OnePlus2, heading off for 3 days trip, with Pixel C tablet, Powercore 26800, Powerport2, I’m with others so not carrying spare phone.

The whole travel and portable technology has changed a lot. I’m heading into high altitude cold for a worm trip and can work and be online whether near mains or not in a 16L small backpack which fits anywhere.

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I love samsung s6 and s7 :heart_eyes:

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Take any aspect of the phone’s features Apple iPhone 7Plus is the best on earth. Worst is any one from Samsung as I have such a bad experience every time I mistakenly bought Samsung. Every time I thought they must have improved over the years but NO nO No…They were crap, r crap and will remain crap always.


You said Apple was the best but I would question why you kept going back to Samsung “every time” not once not both times but every time, lol. :confused: [quote=“DrMajidHanif, post:18, topic:28981”]
the best on earth.

When I find the best on earth I stick with it.

why would anyone go back to something that was always crap.

Seriously I am glad you enjoy your phone but please stick with it. :wink:


Funny Lol :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Personally… I go for iPhones. I’m not an apple advocate by any stretch. In fact I actually detest Macs, but I find the iPhone is so simplistic for my every day needs. I hate the price tag that comes with it, but it’s easy usage vs. The Frustration I endure with an android based phone, makes it worth it for me. (I had an android phone for a few years before switching over to apple)