What phone to get


I was thinking of upgrading my LG G4 but it’s hard to decide if I should wait for the S9 or get the S7 edge.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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LG V30! I hear it’s a champ and it has smaller bezels than S8/Note8.

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But I am eyeing Samsung.

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Samsung still has a slight edge with more screen reales tate than other phones

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I am hearing/reading horrible problems with the Google Pixel 2 XL about their screen burn-in and other screen related problems.

This was because the regular Pixel 2’s screen was provided by samsung while Pixel 2 XL was LG. The LG V30 apparently had horrible color accuracy on low brightness and there are many articles that have been written about it. Google apparently invested around $800 million to LG to up their OLED game for the displays so the Pixel 2 XL can get a better display but this seems to have backfired.

Samsung is still king of OLED displays for the mobile devices at the moment.

I use the Note 8 and I am loving it.

Any reason why you’re deciding between the S9 or the S7 edge instead of S8?

I love phones so I would love to help you make your decision

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Eh. I’d stay away from Samsung. My mom has a Note5 and likes her older G4 more. S7 has physical home button. S9 will be crazy price.

What doesn’t sound appealing about V30?

If I were you I would wait for the s9 or pick up an S8 I’m assuming you do not like the large screen on the note 8 that requires you to sometimes to use two hands. @hunho.lee10 made some very good points about the LG screen issues that are in my opinion unacceptable. Personally I really like my Samsung Note 8 it has eliminated my need for a tablet has every feature Bluetooth 5.0 and the best screen besides the S8 which has slightly higher PPI but the same resolution.

Forgot to mention the S8. Good point. The S7 edge is not too big for my small hands and the S9 might have 1000 FPS camera

I have been thinking of waiting for the S9. The S8 screen is too big for my hands and the battery is low compared to the S7 edge

I’ve had a bad experience with LG so far and LG doesn’t support my phone anymore.

The Oneplus 4 and 5 is a solid choice but lacks some features I want.

The S9 does look like it’s going to be pretty sweet and have a bunch of new features. I didn’t realize it was going to come out so soon, I would wait for that.


there are a lot of choices now but it just depend on how much your willing to spend… Samsung and Apple come with the premium price while lg and huawei is on the lower end but you still get one heck of a phone.

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The screen for S9 will be the same as the S8.

The battery mAh is lower than the S7 edge but S8 has the new Samsung Experience, overall software tweaks and the Snapdragon 835 that improves the battery life. S9 will be released around feb-march so it is still about half a year away.

I have been using the S8 for a little over a month now and I have to say coming from HTC I thought it would take longer but I love it already. The fingerprint sensor placement sensor that everyone was whining about has not been a problem for me and works every time mainly due to my case which allows my finger to find it easy. The screen is excellent, like wow!!!
The battery has been way better that I thought and I get double run times of that of my last phone and I am playing with it constantly. Never been below 40 % yet after a day however I haven’t been gaming or watching movies.
Luckily for me that my carrier does not install any bloatware and Samsung bloatware is not too bad and some I have disabled.

Stay away from the LG G4! I have one they are a piece of junk. At 6 months old the data/wifi slowed down. Camera has a haze on all the images (use to take great pictures). It does random reboots, I have to carry a powercore with me now that battery gets about an hour of use, and the bluetooth just started acting up. It over heats while running spotify and Waze while charging. That is using Anker cords and chargers or using a factory cord and anker charger.

I have only dropped my phone twice while in a Outterbox Defender Case. I have had to reset to factory spec multiple times to clear up issues. I have tested to see if these issues are app related and they aren’t

Also heard there is now an class action law suit out for many of the listed issues I have on this phone.

I have heard that the new galaxy 9 is gonna be pretty sweet so I would say wait it out a little bit for that

Have same phone. Ever since my phone got Nougat drop and stopped being supported by LG I will never buy their phones again. My phone doesn’t even get Nougat

I won’t buy another either. I’ve heard that some of the newer models have similar issues. Its unacceptable that they won’t support or take responsibility for releasing phones with reported issues such as these. These phones aren’t old enough that they should not be supported. They are still being sold new on Amazon and few other places.