What phone do you have and which accessories would be a good fit for your device?

I have an iPhone 6 and I think the PowerIq portable charger would be the best fit because it detects what kind of device you are using so that it can charge faster than other powerbanks

I also have an iPhone 6 and I agree with you. Another good accessory is the PowerPort 2 which isn’t phone specific but is helpful when you need to charge two things.

Powercore Slim to get a full recharge away from mains power, Powerport 2 to recharge your phone and your Powercore Slim and the respective cables (micro+ whatever your phone needs).

i have the 6+ and I love the Anker Charger. Fastest charge I have had.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus - I use the Powercore Slim 5000 when travelling purely for size, as no battery cases (by Anker) for 7+?