What phone case do you use?

Hey guys!

I love starting friendly discussions, so I want to know, what phone case do you guys use? You can say the brand, or the brand and model.

I actually use a few different cases, and they are the OtterBox Defender, Urban Armor Gear, and Spigen Clear Hybrid.

Nexus 6P… Naked, no case.

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I am in transition between a OnePlus2 and a Moto G4 play.

The OnePlus2 has a removable back plate and OnePlus offers their own case which then encases sides and rear and protudes up enough to offer good all round protection. It is a basically $400 device so I kept in a case from new as cases wear I replace and on I think the 3rd case in >1 year of use.

The G4 play is a $130 device so I use it naked just with a screen protector as dropping a $130 phone is less $ consequence than dropping a $400 device.

It is a minor issue but given microUSB2 is more ubiquitous than USB-C I’m looking forward to go back to 1 cable type.

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For my galaxy S6 I use a combination of my Otterbox Commuter case & then switch to my Mophie case when I’m going out or I’m running low on juice at home & don’t want to have my phone plugged into a wall/portable bank at the time. :slight_smile:

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Speck black and white iPhone 6 case. It is ok but it cracks a lot because I drop it a lot.

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OtterBox Defender on my Samsung Note5

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I have a toughshell case for iphone 7 but the only problem is O dont have that phone. I have an iPhone 6 no case :frowning:

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OtterBox on a Droid

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus with X-Doria (Defense Lux) carbon fiber - digging the back of it and feels nice in the hand.

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Dang man, that’s not something I hear a lot! That case is usually only known by “nerds,” but it’s totally underrated!

Tudia Ultraslim or something like that. It’s really getting worn out though. Time to upgrade or get the same case again lol!

HTC dot view

Uag and Trident cases are my favorites. UAG being a little more stylish but still rugged and Trident Kraken ams cases being very rugged and are compatible with various mounts like
like The ones ARKON makes Trident cases also have a built-in aluminum kickstand.

Note 8 phone uag

iPhone 7 uag

Ipad air

iPhone 7

Samsung note 3

Samsung note 8 tablet

Tripod mount

Windshield mount

Adjustable Car seat bolt mount or anywhere you want to screw or bolt to.

Bike handlebar mount

Been using Spigen case for awhile now and they do their job when my kids drop my phones.

Using a Spigen currently, but hopefully will receive my dbrand grip by the end of February for my pixel 2 xl

Currently using an incipio case, but normally I get what’s cheap and works

Have used the Magpul Field Case for years now and absolutely love it. It has the same ribbed texture from their rifle magazines which make it easy to grip onto one handed and not drop. It has also protected my iPhone from several drops flawlessly.