What on earth did Energizer just launch? Yep a Phone

Just had an email in work:

18000mAh battery built in to a phone!!!

Some specs here:

Funnily enough, there’s no mention of weight that I can see!!!

It does appear to support reverse charging too.

Should Anker be worried about this? :joy:


Woah. That looks nice. Gonna be a little hefty though.


WOW! DAM THATS NUTS :scream::astonished::hushed:

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OHH… Battery wise its way higher spec than any competition. How it is going to be as a phone is a question. Using an external battery pack when you need it is okay, but carrying that heavy thing always near to your face is the problem. Somebody need to get it and post review, may be it’s not as big and similar to iphone XS max line phones.

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Wow…18,000mAh would probably last a week before needing to charge.
Unless I had Facebook running in the background, than maybe 1 hour tops… :joy:


Maybe should read the info first… the battery is listed as a Li-Po (Lithium Polymer). Wicked small size it seems. They are used highly in rc vehicles, seem to have a lower lifespan and are much more picky about charge conditions and care. Not sure what to think yet, but at least someone is trying something new.

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dymn must be heavy!

Anker has a few liPo batteries and they work and last fairly long so I see no issues with them using it in a phone. Glad someone finally taking the leap

Dont get me wrong, I am not knocking it and am glad that new tech is being researched and applied. The part I am curious about is a LiPo and its ability to run virtually non stop for a few years. I am not sure how well it would hold up then and am interested in seeing this in action.

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So…energizer is a phone manufacturer now?

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no, looks like an energizer battery brand, sitting in a - Im guessing - Elephone PX chassis. Kind of like how the Original nexus phones werent google brand, but were LG/HTC re-branded phones.

Damn that would last me like 3 days lol

Wonder will Duracell be next?

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Makes sense to me, that a company specialising in batteries, puts one of theirs in a phone… Why not

That’s insane. I have a LG X Charge phone with 4500 mAh battery and it is already pretty great in terms of battery life. 18000 mAh will be a killer.

I had to update this as replying is giving 403 error.
It is a very nice phone (spec wise not the latest or greatest). One thing LG did very well is to keep the screen resolution to 720p and put in a massive battery (4500 mAh). That way you can easily use (heavy use) for 2 days or more and not worry about battery.
I has no fingerprint reader or NFC but otherwise is perfect for a young person, teenager. It is great as a second/emergency phone as well. It is a fast charging capable phone (up to 18 watts).

@kumar.sachin Not to stray off topic, but how do you like that phone? Was thinking about getting it for my son to replace his cracked Galaxy S5

Lg makes pretty solid phones. My v35 battery lasts almost a day under hard use, 10 hours of netflix as white noise for my kid to play with toys is easy.

Thanks for the reply, looks like I’m gonna get it for him

look at local craigslist/ebay for it.
Last year xfinity mobile gave it out for $1 and there are tons of people selling those for profit. I paid $1 for mine as well :slight_smile:

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Excited to see reviews on it

Followed closely by Kirkland :laughing: