What material of Iphone Screen Protector is your preference?

Meeting with the expectations of clients is a wish of Anker. There are a wide range of mobile screen protector in the market,Do you ever notice the material of them? what kind of material is your preference? Can’t wait to here from you…!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like glass protectors with an oleophobic coating, but I also like PET film protectors because they are typically thinner than many glass protectors.


Another one here for glass protectors. Pretty much all I have used on my devices since around 2013 as I have rarely had a film version go on without bubbles (or without large marks showing within a few months use)…

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Glass definitely. Ive used film protectors in the past and upon removal after a year or so they left the screen a purple hue and or with glue still on the screen. So glass has been my go to protector since then.

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Both mine and the wife’s HTC phone’s have factory Gorilla Glass 2 and 3 respectively on them and have never had a scratch,break or screen protector. In the past I have used the thin plastic type and hated them as they would scratch so easy and look terrible. My son’s Iphone 5s has a Tech Armor Ballistic glass protector and after 1.5 years it is still looking great with no scratches so +1 on the Glass

Check out what Whoosh is doing. Something like that.