What makes Anker so good at making charging batteries, charging cables, Bluetooth speakers and so forth?

What makes Anker so good at making charging batteries, charging cables, Bluetooth speakers and so forth? I think Anker excels so much because they care 110% about their customers.

For me, the quality of Anker products is rated as follows:
Battery: 9/10 (the design is simple and does not incorporate many feature, for me, I would like the battery to track it’s capacity on it own (the actual capacity, not the remaining one)
Cable: 8/10 ( anker PL+ is great, but I have also some across Energea alutough and it provide 1.5m length, which suit me (personal taste) anker 0.9 and 1.8 is just too short and too long)
Wall charger: 9/10 (does not include feature such as current charging rate per port, etc)
Audio: 6/10 (the quality is quite good, and the battery inside is good as well. However, the sound quality is only at acceptable level)
Flashlight: 8/10 (sturdy, bright, but the included battery is not good (for 18650 usually use 3400mah panasonic cell) the charger is convenience but the charge rate isn’t specified

I have not tried other products so I wont comment on those.

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Attention to detail can take you pretty far.


Caution. They do not push the bleeding edge, this makes for more reliable. The flip downside of this is they are often behind in some specifications, such as USB-PD car charger, etc. I am continually in conflict wanting more power in smaller size but then I want the item to work and work reliably.

Testing. I’ve not had an item fail on unboxing.

Customer centric focus. In the few occasions I got an issue, I got a quick and acceptable response.

Attention to design detail, well built and built to last. I have not had an item fail from old age (yet).

18 month warranty is extra peace of mind, particularly for higher cost items.


@demol3 @Jesse_Hernandez1 @nigelhealy Your guys comments are much appreciated and we will keep improving product quality. Please keep an eye on our website. :grin:

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No problem, I wouldn’t endorse your company if I was not a believer. Keep producing quality reasonably priced products and I’ll keep posting😀



Your website (anker.com) is usually out of sync with Amazon. There are products which are on Amazon but not on Anker.