What made you choose Anker over a competitor

With so many different types of cables, chargers, battery banks, etc on the market, what made you choose Anker over all the others? Reputation, aesthetically appealing, word of mouth, research, impulse, sale price/coupons, price point in general, convenience, or one of the many other factors that people take when choosing something?

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To be honest for me it was a chance purchase that solidified my opinions. I bought a battery for my droid incredible 2 years ago after a recommendation from a work associate. The battery never gave me any issues and I still used the phone as a second alarm clock until just recently. Bought more and more products over the years, having my trust in them reinforced every time. Even when I had a set of cables break after a year, they sent me a whole new set with very little issue. I don’t think I could have picked a better company for my electronic needs at the moment.


When I was working for our chair in the university, I was the one who was responsible for the purchases of hard- and software.

The first item I got from ANKER was their A3143 speaker.
We had a Bse already and I was really excited about the price and the sound of that speaker comparing it with the Bse.

So I took a look at their other products and ordered some ANKER powerPorts. The other members of our chair were really enthusiastic about the quality. So we all focused at ANKER’s products finally. :grin:

Now, as a retired person I’m still a fan of ANKER’s products of course.:wink:


I first became familiar with Anker from their power banks on Amazon. They were a little pricier than some of the other options, but the reviews and warranty steered me towards Anker. My Anker Astro has been through a lot and still works!

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Started off with a battery pack about 6 or 7 years ago which I bought based upon reviews at the time. The leads came about after buying different brands over and over again after they failed or broke.

I like their quality, price point, charging speeds and great customer service. Their warranty policy is also a plus.

Research, basically. I needed a portable battery for my phone. After researching online, I arrived at Anker. The reviews were - and still are - extremely good, both from common users and trusted tech news sources. The price was more than reasonable. Now I praise every other aspect of the Anker experience, customer service above all.

Bought basically from Amazon reviews from different brands. I will not criticize other brands in this open forum.

The other brands failed was not worth my time to chase up warranty, or failed and the other brand wanted me to jump through hoops to get replacement, such as spending my own money to post back and they would decide if they would send a new or refurbished item or not send anything at all.

Anker in comparison kept working, low failure, and on one occasion they reached out to me stating a known product fault and sent me proactively a replacement and keep the original, then a product failed and I asked for support and they sent out a replacement also not asking me to put in effort.

Or in fewer words, good product, good customer service.

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18 month no question warranty and the actual quality of products. I have almost a dozen Anker products and none has ever failed on me.

For me it, it has a lot to do with their quality, their high level of customer service, and they are always coming out with new products that are made better than many of the competitors at a better price.

Thanks for the feedback, we will produce more quality review content in the future.:sunglasses:

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I want to thank you guys, our customer representatives will be happy to see all the comments.:grin:


I came to Anker through Ingress, which is the first game from the Pokemon go developers. Because of all the GPS activities, my battery was draining really fast. My first product which I bought was a 10 ft lead inspired by Technikfaulttier (a German youtube creator). The quality was so great that I bought different products over the time. My next thing will be a battery bank.

I’ve used Anker since they have been around and would use nothing else unless they couldn’t supply it. Only in a pinch…