What Level are you and how many levels are their?

What Level are you and how many levels are their?


Currently lvl2. Not sure how many levels though

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4, not sure.

Maybe each level a new power appears like a video game

Not sure about how many there are but more points are needed for each level.

Level 3 right now, not sure what the level cap is though.

yeah I don’t know what levels exist and how I get to them. I just get told what level I am. I’m a Lv4, what that means.

3 so far. Going to guess it goes up to 10.

Now level 10


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Level 9, I do not know how many levels are


Wonder what boss you will face.

Level 4 and counting !

I’m only level 4, never really thought to sign up way back when although I probably should have

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Now we know! There are 21 levels!

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“their” should be “there”


So for example @joshuad11 is currently level 13, I am level 12, levels are based on points, which have a maximum daily rate, so currently I cannot get to level 21 until November 2021.



I said there.[quote=“joshuad11, post:15, topic:3145”]

Not even joking.

The thread not you

“What Level are you and how many levels are their?”

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Oh, haha. I thought I had to change grammar police to vision police^^^

And that’s with stickies, I think.