What length of charging cable do you use?

Personally I think 6ft is just about right. I find the 3ft ones restricting and anything longer a bit too much for my needs. What do you think?


6 foot minimum. I DO lean towards 10 foot cables though. Outlets are NEVER where you need them to be!!


I defo go for the 6ft ones now. Love the fact it reaches across the bed haha

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3ft (~1m) for connecting from computer to phone.
6ft (~2m) to charge phone in bed.


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Hi mattduvalgb, I’m afraid there aren’t currently, but our tech team will work something out soon. Actually sometimes post replies could be better, as people may have something more to share or discuss. Thanks for your suggestion though. :slight_smile:

I have 3 ft and 6 ft for office and travel. I use a 10 ft at home to reach my bed. But I like the short 1 ft cables when charging from a battery pack.

Quality cables and just the right length plays a major role on quickly charging your smart phones and other electronic devices. Here is a link that would provide you a better understanding on how this works;


Pretty much always use 3ft cables as anything above that ends up often becoming a rats nest for me. Did recently find a use for Anker’s 6ft cable to run behind my car dashboard for powering my iPhone as a dash camera though…

Totally depends on what you’re using it for - 6" for power bank, 3’ for PC, 6’ for the kids in the back of the car etc…

I use 3ft a lot on the go, but like the 6ft when I am at work and plugs are not as accessible.

So far the cable length hasn’t been the problem for me though, it’s the Micro USB plug itself. Too many times I have had the plug/phone get bumped and bend the needle or even have the bottom springs get pinched to where the plug no longer gives a tight connection making the good cable useless.

Most of the time just the cord that comes with my devices.

Anywhere from 2ft to 10ft. I prefer the braided 10ft cables as they give you more room to use when you’re moving around and need power.

I had the same issue with micro-usb pins. I have recently upgraded my phone to a HTC 10 with USB-C which eliminates this problem as they don’t have any pins. They are also reversible like the apple lighting connector which I find very handy. Hopefully all manufactures will adopt this technology to solve this common problem with micro-usb.

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I use 3ft cables most of the time. With rapid charging I no longer charge my phone overnight so no need for one beside my bed. For my desk at work and car charger the 3ft ones are just about right. a 4-5ft one for leaving my Powercore in my bag and being able to hold my phone would be ideal. 6ft is a bit too long and ends up getting tangled and wrapped around things.

10 footers. Outlets never seem to be easily accessible and and shorter cables just get you tangled up and wind up shorter than what they should be.

Always have a 10 foot cable in my bag!

3 Ft. Lighting Cable.

I go for the 3 foot braided cable because I carry a battery bank on me most of the time. Also have a 10 foot, but I havent used that in a long time

6ft all the way