What length charging cable do you use?

I prefer different lengths for different uses, what is your opinion?

With something like the Anker 5-port charger, I like to use the shortest cables I can find. 5 long cables seem to get tangled in no time!

i agree, need to buy some short 1 foot cables for the multi charger…

regular cables take up too much room on the charging stand

3’ in most places. 6’ by my bedstand, 6" at work.

.5ft for power banks
6 feet for wall adapters.

I use a 6ft at the nightstand, 3ft at the kitchen counter and a 1ft in the vehicle. Bother the kitchen and nightstand cables have a wireless charging pad attached.

I have a couple 3 ft and 6ft cables. It depends on what length I need as to which one I use.

I find that 3’ tied down to about 1.5-2" work best. We have two stations side by side and it allows for some spacing for the devices. By the bed and at my workspace I use 6", and in the kitchen 10".

I use 1ft cables for charging with the Anker portable chargers and 6ft for charging with the Anker USB hub.

I just average use 3ft length cables from anker of course

Well, ever since I started primarily using a phone with USB-C, that’s changed. But I used to use:
6-10 ft at my bed-stand. In lieu of using another charger (I have a dual-port), I had a 15 ft cable running across the back of my bed.
At work I used a 6ft cable
In my car I use a 3ft cable
When using the battery pack, it depends. I prefer the short cables (less loss of charge, and more compact); however sometimes I use 3-6 ft cables, and just keep my battery in a backpack if I’m walking around.

For now though, I have USB-C cables; 2 USB-C to USB-C cables, 3ft and the stock for pixel (I think it’s 4 ft), and a few 3ft USB-A to USB-C cables. I just ordered some more though; I really like 6-10ft ones for home by my bed or on the floor by my couch.

Seems to be the norm, but I use the 6’ by my bed and 3’ elsewhere.