What kind of music to use when testing a speaker?

Don’t like to be a prayer mill, but using an equalizer to adjust a speaker is
a must.
For myself I have to push up the frequencies around 2kHz till 8kHz.

I’m normally listening to classical music.
But when testing a speaker I use
IRON BUTTERFLY : In a gadda vida.
A milestone of underground music in my old days.
Was about 1968. 50 years ago, but still a “hit”.
As times goes by. :cry:

The incredible drummer solo of good “Old Bushy” will really show you what the speaker is able to transmit.
The real pressure of bassdrum e.g.
I was a drummer in those days and I know this is really a true highlight which will be never forgotten.

Enjoy Pentecost, Pentecostes, Pfingsten!


State of consciousness and we are the vampires, both give the speaker a damned good lows n highs bash.

I’ll look up… Your … Old bushy!

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Give Radioheads National Anthem a play, if your speakers atone to the proper frequencies then it will be golden, and if not then you will know right away how horrid it can be

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Really depends on my mood I listen to just about everything but it’s hard to beat Santana brightest star off the zebop album or Red hot chili peppers blood sugar sex magic the whole album when testing a new speaker.

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I usually test out my speakers or headphones with techno music don’t like music with vocals so the more bass there is the better


Listen to the types of music you typically listen to, but find recordings that have the best sound quality to your ear. Do you have a good set of headphones and and amp? If so, find a few choice selections in your collection that have selections that repeatedly sound good to your ear and then use the same passage for trying stuff out.

While people can give you music suggestions all day long, it’s going to come down to what your ear can hear in the end.

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This is what I am talking about.
The ability of hearing is as different as the taste of the music you are listen to.

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I usually just find what ever songs I’m listening mostly at the time. That way I know how they “should sound” so I can compare. Also I do testing in FLAC and 320 kbps.

This post reminded me of this :joy:
The Simpsons - In the Garden of Eden

I tend to stick to my usual Brit Pop anthems adding in Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, and Stereophonics.

In order to compare you need to stick to similar music so you can seek out any differences :grin:

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When I test a speaker, I try to hit the main four genres of music that people are listening to. Classical, Rock, Rap, and Pop. I listen to each at different EQ settings to account for personal preferences that people have and consider the fidelity at each of those settings aside from my own personal preferences.

After I do that, I go for what I like and take all of it into account and make my reflections on the product. I try to make my testing as clinical as possible so I can make comparisons to different speakers that I have tested as I go.

All that being said, I think the Soundcore Flare is the best speaker Anker has made. It checks every box, from a sound quality standpoint.


Rush of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I don’t have a specific song or genre that I use to judge my speakers but that is a great idea. I’m going to test all my speakers with the same song when I get home from work.


Did you compare the Flare with the Pro + ?
This would be a good job.

I would like to, but no Flare available for comparind and testing. :disappointed:

The soundcore Pro+ is really good.
Playing in the same class as the B*se mini. :blush:
But lower in the price.

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But dont forget to try getting first the perfect adjustment and tuning by an equalizer.

e.g. The Soundcore PRO + is very “bassy”, so I reduced the bass.

Without the equalizer the sound of many speakers is really bad.

I would really like to compare the PRO + with the FLARE, but there is no available at the moment. :disappointed:

And the one which could be won is only for US and UK.

My usual test playlist for speakers & earbuds contains on average (ALAC Lossless);

Hotel California - Eagles
In The Air Tonight (Live at Montreux 2004) - Phil Collins
Who Wants To Live Forever - Queen
Superstar - Carpenters
Isabel - Il Divo Live In Barcelona
​When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky - The Jeff Healy Band
Tosca: Vissi D’arte (Atto II) - Maria Callas
Patricia - Art Pepper
Round Midnight - Miles Davis
Billy Jean - Michael Jackson

Always find each help’s to determine the bass, tone & overall track clarity…


I use FLAC files
Hotel california is a good one to start.
Superstition is another one
Idea is to put in quality recording. Try to hear low frequency sounds and see how wide is the soundstage.
Any open air headphone will have much wider soundstage than a closed back or earplugs.
Don’t use highly compressed mp3 recordings (crap in will get crap out)

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Very interesting list!
Not only tech “freaks” here.

Chapeau! :slight_smile:

Of course MP3 compression is a problem.
And many recordings are so bad.
The idea with FLAC is really a good one.
Thank you!

I typically use my brother’s iTunes playlist or my spotify playlist. Both have a mixture of everything out there. I set the playlists on random and in a few hours I have hit most types of music.

But testing and using music is up to the listener. If you use music you don’t like, the speaker won’t sound as good to you. Keep in mind that low quality music tracks will also effect the sound quality produced by the speaker.

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I have not tested the Pro+. I imagine the Pro+ and the Flare+ will outclass the Flare, but according to my tests the Flare is the best so far.