What is your record for PowerBucks?

Just curious how many PowerBucks you guys have managed to hoard? What’s the highest you’ve ever gotten?


It’s easy to see what others have…you curently have 676 powerbucks :wink:

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Ok, but I didn’t ask what people currently have.

I have been over 5000 bucks maybe as high as 6000 but I’m steadily spending faster than earning and now 4359

I bid 1 entry for the red Fusion last week didn’t win


I seem to hover around 1500 to 2000…

And I bid all 10.

I did too! That was a good one to bid on.

I’ve never even made it to 1000. I keep on getting tempted into bidding :dizzy_face:

< 650. I blew it all on the last drawing because of the SSL certs issue :smiley: :frowning:

What do you mean, was there a glitch counting the entries because of the SSL issue? You should tell the admins if so…

I’m on 3302, it’s the highest I’ve been. There is nothing of interest on the power Draw this week so more bucks for meeeeeeeeeee


I’ve had as much 7k and know I’m over 6k. I usually wait to bid on items I need or want.


How can you see others bucks ?

Click on a user’s name, click the activity tab and you will see bucks. Click that and you get to see what someone has

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Wow you’re probably the richest in Bucks therefore

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300 I think.

When the community has completed the upgrade, you guys can quickly see each other’s level, points and bucks.:grin:


Oooooooh :eyes:

My highest, is my current, which is approx 1600

Like most, it’s gathering, cos nothing to bid in yet!

forgot what’s the highest I had but it sure didn’t last long when the Power Draw started :joy:

Highest I had was about 2800. Now, I’m at about 2200. I’ve been striking out on the PowerDraws. :frowning: