What is your opinion on the new Red powercore 10000 that is coming out in December?

Like it or do you not like it? And explain why.


Absolutly not, I dislike it the idea. Why would you want a bright red speaker? It’s basically like saying hay! Look at me and my speaker. I prefer black to blend in with the crowd. I don’t like being picked out as different and wanting the spotlight

Any photos of it yet?


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Personally I go for cheapest. If red was cheapest, I’d buy it.

Where color choices come in handy is when you own multiple of the same product, such as in a family “mine” vs “yours” and obviously you can do that with a colored pen or sticker in seconds of effort for pennies so…

As it cost exactly the same to inject a different die in the plastic making process it costs exactly the same to make different colors and if you can sell it for a higher price that increase is pure profit.

The fashion industry is significantly built upon this so its in our DNA.


I think it goes against anker as a company, it’s like if Apple started making toasters or Maytag made cars its just so put there. They should slowly start to make the change, such as a space gray batter bank or silver, slowly making the change. Personally I do not believe this will maximize profit, it will only cause surplus in unwanted product.

Every person who buys just proved the person with the idea correct.

You could turn this around, as the different color items are $4 then every person who cares about color hands a $4 profit to Anker who can then afford to charge a little less to the rest of us. Call it redistribution of wealth?

As we’re all waiting for better battery tech and charging tech (where is my $20 dual-port 24W 13000mah?) those talents inside Anker are not even aware of the different die injected in the plastic so it doesn’t really distract the genius in Anker from what matters. Well, hopefully not.

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Though the person who was eating skittles and said let’s make it red and blue just used resources that could have gone to newer technology meaning we could now be months or years away from a higher PD output.

Cheers for the photo Nigel it’s much appreciated!

Personally myself I don’t see nothing wrong with the colour. Not everyone wants all black everything, some people like bright, vibrant colours that reflect their personalities.

Imagine if ever single product was black followed by more black you may as well start singing the Rolling Stones “paint it black”

Companies like Colorware exist because people don’t wanna stick to the norm.

I personally like the red, black is too bland and if everything was black…well then the world is just grim. But the red and I also seen a blue battery pack, those are defining products that can attract even more people to like and use Anker products. I know people who loath anything that is black or conforms to the standards if what is ideal for everyone, so having an option of colors is very appealing. Not to mention that it allows easy identification, can be suited to ones personality and taste.


Personally I kind of like the candy cane theme with the red body and the white USB port, I wouldn’t buy this but if it is in the power user program I would definitely get it

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Different part of the business.

As seen by others posts they like the color options and so likely will pay more for them, extracting more profit from other people who have a bias to color choices, so those who prefer other colors are subsidizing those who do not care.

The innovation in Anker is inside the product, the electronics, I very much doubt the person who decided to order the factory to use different plastic color was the same person who has a MSc in Mech Eng and Electronics who is deciding the chip design and PCB layout for better products.

Anker person role who is trying to make your better PD product (not literally obviously);

Person who decides color options:

I just ordered a case from China for my new tablet, the cheapest color is purple, so got purple.


Well, what I am trying to say is not the same guy is designing the product and make color decisions. I am saying there is an offset of budget money, instead of say $10,000,000 to research, now only $6,000,000 is going to research. Its a waste of funds to change something you already have with out improvement, instead of advancing technology. Look at apple, spending millions to make 8 colors for the iPhone 7, meanwhile the iPhone 8 comes in 3 colors. Even the large companies realize there is no point to trying to change their image when people love it as it is.

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Supply chain - the plastic pellets come en masse is melted and the die inserted and placed in moulds to shape, it is literally just a different die other than black, no die it is a clear plastic. I don’t know if Anker factory melts the pellets or they oursource the casing. Color is one of the easiest things in plastic.

I agree overall it is a distraction but it is a different part of the design and manufacture process from the serious end of electronics.

It is a totally different skill so a different person who designs each part of an Anker product. You’d have mechanical engineer, and electronics engineer, a designer, marketing. Probably marketing spoke to the designer in this case and neither needed to ask the engineer.

Notice how the color choices are for >1 year designed products, it is about extracting more revenue from products that were designed 18-24 months ago. It is an easy way to get a bit more revenue. Those who care about color are just paying more. It helps those who do not care as its all profit to help fund the next product development.

There is no down side here I can see, and if someone likes it, and pays more, then good.


I think that if it’s the same price as the black version, I would get the red just to have some diversity in my Anker collection. Also I think it’s great Anker is making different colors on their products rather than the normal black or white. Keep up the good work Anker!