What is your most wished for product to review by Anker or others

I am not thinking of stuff you need or you would probably buy them but rather items that you want to try.

I get requests often to do product reviews and I often have to turn some down due to Amazon policy of five unverified reviews per week limit but there are always the ones you dream of getting.

My most wished for has to be kitchen accessories as I love to cook however the other day I reviewed a portable back massager and it was awesome, never thought I would want one and now I can’t imagine not having one.
From Anker my most desired would be the robovac

I like gadgets of any sort but I’d love to try one of the hyper expensive routers to see if the performance boost really does justify the price tag! There is no way I’d spend more than about £120 on a decent router, where some go to well about double that!
Same goes for gaming graphics cards where around the £200 is my limit, but some are over £600!!! :slight_smile:

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I have the Netgear R7000 and although it is not one of the hyper expensive routers it still cost me enough and does a very good job at distributing signal were it needs to go and when. We used to have issues with running several devices at once with the same provider speed using the supplied router and with this router it seems to give the signal to which device needs it the most. We ran two streaming HD movies on Android boxes one youtube on smartphone and an online ps4 at the same time with no buffering on any of them so I would say it is definitely worth a try.


Netgear R7000 looks similar to Archer C9 which is the one I went for when looking for better wifi through the house. I have dd-wrt running on it and just finding my way around the myriad of options that interface gives you :confused: :smile:. Got OpenVPN running on it last night which was a good milestone to reach :slight_smile:


I live in a congested Wifi area and the furthest home corners suffer wifi drops particularly when neighbors home.

I checked wifi router reviews and I researched the newer expensive ones don’t really resolve distance congestion, so I took an older router and loaded DD-WRT and made it a wifi repeater. Problems solved. For free.