What is your favorite season?

I’m just curious what everyone’s favorite time of the year is and what’s your favorite season?

For me, my favorite time of the years is just before Thanksgiving and maybe right after. The kids are out of school and getting hyped to see family and it’s generally the perfect time for weather as it’s not too hot or too cold.

With that said, you can also guess I live the Fall for the same reason. Weather wise it’s perfect, and you get to see all the foliage and pretty colors that come from it.

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For me it’s definitely spring and autumn. This is the same tree in the different seasons :slight_smile:


Spring/Summer by far. Shoveling snow sucks

My birthday is in the Spring so you would think I love that time, but i really don’t. It’s the start of the weather getting hot and I hate when I’m hot. I order cooler temps.

But that tree you posted looks great both in spring and fall


Hahahaha that’s hilarious, My birthday is in 2 weeks, the 17th, and I HATE winter lol

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Despite what my allergies will say, I prefer spring. The weather is warming up, things are in bloom (this where my allergies take issue), baseball season starts, my birthday, and the end of school was near (from my time in school and then as a teacher).

For me its the spring and fall. In Texas its to hot to to have fun outdoors in the summer and the winter can be cold or warm. This year our average temp has been in the high 50s to the high 70s. Its normally in the 30s and 40s this time of year. We are taking advantage of the weather. Lots of hiking and having fun outdoors.

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The start of spring over here is when you know winter is behind you and you start getting to the comfortable temperatures. It’s when you start getting to June, July and August that the heat starts to get unbearable particularly at night! @elmo41683

Definitely not summer here in the Desert Southwest!!! I love fall and winter…I

I love the smell of autumn and the tempature of spring.


autumn, I love this season :maple_leaf:

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Typically I do love Fall. Boots, Jeans and a Hoody type weather.

However, in Chicago Summer creeps too late and then Winter starts too early.

This year, we were shoveling a foot of snow before all the leaves had fallen!

I think I have to pick a new season! or a new city :cry:


certainly fall, love the colors


I love hoody weather. I have more hoodies than regular shirts for the seasons so you generally can find me wearing one. My wife hates it because Im always looking for more, sadly I had to finally throw my favorite one away as it was near falling apart if you just touched it. I tried finding a replacement but they no longer make it

Winter for sure, love the cold crisp air

I love it I love it. We are all different in that we love different seasons, and that’s the great thing as we can live different seasons but we all get along

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Fall definitely falll all the way