What is you Prefered Storage Space?

What is your preferred storage space?? 32G, 64G, 128G, 254G?

That is a very interesting question!

I’d say at around 32GB I’m having “a bit more than I like” to manage storage.

At around 64GB is “enough” with the odd bit of pruning.

At around 128GB is “more then enough”.

I have a OnePlus2 with 64GB internal, a Moto G4 Play with a 128GB SD card ( + 16GB internal), and a Pixel C with 64GB, and overall I find my need tend to go a 64GB preference.

I have evolved up from 32GB devices which if there was some other reason (say reliability, battery life) I could fit within.

I evolved up before from 16GB and that is just painfully difficult, as my apps tend to make 16GB a full phone.

I would say now a 16GB internal + SD card, or 32GB or > 32GB are all minimums and then it is a tradeoff of capacity vs other (battery life, cost, reliability, size, etc).

Is the Pixel C worth getting?




I don’t like the price I paid. I got the 25% discount but still pricey.

Setting aside price: Yes. I love it. Perfect in so many ways. Not perfect fully, Wifi is a bit s****y.

64GB. I’ve had my 64GB Galaxy S6 and it’s been the perfect amount of space. Not too much, not too little. I could live with 32GB if I absolutely had to, but I would definitely fill it.

I prefer 64 GB. I don’t actually ever use this much but I still like to have the space.

From past experience I will never get a phone with less than 64Gb of space. Other than that, the bigger the better.

32gb on a phone if fine for me. My music is all in Google music, I only download playlists rather than keep the whole lot on my phone (impractical anyways).
All my documents are kept in Drive, I mark the ones I need access to all the time when I need too - tickets for example.
Photos are backed up to Google photos, if I find I’m running out of space I either delete a load of pictures from the device, or simply wipe it. It’s nice to start afresh every so often :blush:

I’ve been keeping most of my stuff “in the cloud” for years, so it is perfectly normal for me to get the 32gb phones.
However I will add, 16gb is far to little when you factor in OS, apps and ever increasing large updates!

Minimum of 64gb on a phone (or at least expandable) and normally carry a 128gb flash drive on my keys (SanDisk with lightning connector).

I have 64GB and can’t do without it. 128GB is what I’d prefer, I’m hoping OnePlus offers it on their next flagship. Cause I know I need more.

Prior to streaming music services, I would need at least 64GB on my phone to hold my music. But now that I can just download the playlists I want, I could get by with 32GB.

Assuming you are talking about mobile devices, 32gb is on the low end of the useful range for most people. It’s nice that Apple finally got rid of the 8 and 16gb products, those were a complete joke.

64gb works great for me, plenty of room for apps, music, videos, etc. I don’t have the need for 128GB yet… although as cameras continue to improve with higher MP photos and 4k video that might become necessary before too long.