What is you dream Smartphone Configuation?

I wish I could make my own dream smartphone configuration. I would pull from Apple, Google, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, and others. The main selling point for my phone would be battery life and waterproof/shatterproof technology. The display would be 5k. The phone would have wireless charging and many other tech leading technology. I can’t think what the smartphone will be like in 5 to 10 years from now. Will it be amazing or normal? What is your dream smartphone? How would you make your device?

-Wireless charging
-Headphone jack
-Most likely Apple style
-Home button

I can’t think of any others. I don’t want something that is too advanced to the point where it is just for cool features, but I wan’t something that has a great user interface. I can’t imagine what a phone would be like either.

What would be your prefered OS?

I haven’t tried that many, but I would have to say Apple. How about you?

Android. I have used iOS for the past 7 years and I just switched to Android a few months ago and I feel like I can do more with Android than iOS. Apple has way too many restrictions.

On that I agree with you!

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  • Fast, and non-laggy
  • Android
  • Quick Charge 3.0
  • High quality camera
  • Thin form factor with high quality glass/metal or all metal unibody
  • Large 3rd party accessory market (like the iPhone)
  • Headphone hack WITH high quality DAC (better than the average phone)
  • Wireless fast charging
  • 5.5" 4k display
  • Shatterproof glass (none of that plastic junk) display
  • 100% waterproof
  • Less than $700 in cost
  • Full software update support for a minimum of 4 years
  • Something that won’t hit a wall in performance after a year
  • Stereo front facing speakers
  • Fingerprint scanner with a STABLE button, not wobbly like on my GS6
  • Capacitive buttons like the Galaxy phones
  • LED notification light
  • Edge-to-edge display (like GS7 Edge and Note7)
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Dual sim card tray
  • 8MP front facing camera
  • At least 8GB RAM
  • At least an octa-core processor

That’s “about it.” Alright, I went a bit overkill, but I took you seriously when you said dream smartphone.

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4.7"-5" size, small bezels

3000mah battery

All LTE bands globally

Dual SIM

SD slot + 32GB internal memory

Removable battery

Wireless charging

Unlocked bootloader


1080p 16:9 screen

Bluetooth, NFC.

Your configuration is awesome. However, good luck on getting it under $700. The Stereo front facing speakers are life changing. When I changed from my iPhone 6 to Nexus 6P, I was amazed by the speaker placement and how much better it was.

Yeah, and so I’ve been told.

The 2 smartphones I’ve had were the iPhone 4s, and now the Galaxy S6, which both have the same speaker configuration. I’ve honestly never heard dual front facing speakers, but I’ve heard they’re amazing.

I’ve had the iPhone 4, 5, and 6. Then I just recently got a Free Nexus 6P from Google and I am in love with it. The dual front facing speakers are amazing. I hate it that Google did not go with dual front facing speakers on the Google Pixel Phone. I am hoping they go that route with the next gen of the Pixel Phone.

How did you get a free phone from Google? Teach me your ways lol

I got lucky. About a month ago the Goggle Store on Twitter were doing prize games. I won a game and they game me a Nexus 6P. I believe they were giving away the Nexus 6P to make room for the new Google Pixel phone.

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So I was just reading up on the new iPhone and I found this nice link. You guys should all read it.


Fairly simple for me:

5.6 screen or larger
128Gb onboard storage or larger
3Gb RAM or more
Right now, 820 SoC
Capacitive buttons in the bezel
Solid GPS performance
Under $500

Basically a OnePlus 3 :smile: