What is with the foldable plug version of Anker nano?

It been sold on Amazon, unlisted, then sold again, then now unavailable again.

Are we eventually going to get a foldable plug version of Anker nano???

Foldable pins force the Powercore to be little larger. The hinge, and when folded if they protrude to the side they came still scratch something, so you find more on the larger ones where there’s width to have them slightly protruding.

Read @insider post here


Love the design of that 45w block. @professor

Lol I forgot they have a subreddit. I need to check it more often

Yes its where we can discuss future Soundcore products without deletion.

Seems though everywhere suffers from people who cannot search… must create new thread …


Of course @professor
I have a very synical view when companies take your time, input and help for little reward and reprimand by censoring posts that hold information already available elsewhere.
Yes, of course, it’s our choice to be here, but I still think businesses need to get a grip.
They allow uncensored slating of their products but reject help in marketing their upcoming products.

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Good thing nobody got butthurt about me talking about their competitor Aukey’s product.

It’s the customer service which defines the decision choice, as these chargers are in the $20 range and so think of the time if they don’t work, emailing, to-fro…

I don’t know if it’s true but the way the products physically look, I’d not be surprise if made in the same factory, or share very similar components. So I’m not so sure it’s a different insides, but Anker’s support I’ve always found excellent.

I checked the subreddit and looks like @Insider is active there

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I have recommended Aukey a couple of times in this community and it never got flagged. But about 2 weeks ago I told an user to look at a different brand it got flagged and removed lol


Move aside 20W, 33W is coming!


What do you estimate the price of it to be?

Discounted price 41 Yuan = $6 USD

Regular price 79 Yuan = $12 USD.

You can see how folding helps make it bigger and heavier. But I understand why you’d want it folding as in reality smaller in bag.

But given duties etc I’d expect $20 actual.

No sign on USA selling sites, it’s been about 3 weeks now since for sale in Taiwan.


$20 is not bad at all! If it comes to the US for $12 I’d definitely get it :+1:
I have a bunch of chargers so I don’t really need this one

Oooo I like foldable plugs they make it easier to throw it in a bag

If you don’t need a charger, I’d be guarded going out of your way to buy the folding pin 20W version, the underyling adoption of GaN is going to make a 30W or 33W version for the same size during the summer.

So, if you don’t need it - wait.

I have the USA folding pin 12W dual A mini, and the UK non-folding 20W C Nano.

Hey remember when we could just swap locations on a whim? I’ve not changed country location for over 18 months, which is a decades-long drought of travel for me. One year I did 100,000 miles flying. 15 months ago I was packing travel chargers for family, oh the old days…

Lol I would just buy it for the hell of it if the price is right, folding pins don’t make much of a difference to me.
Now that I think about it, none of my small chargers have folding pins :rofl:

A couple of months ago I bought this 20w charger from a different company for less than $9.

Wow that is a lot of miles! I don’t travel much out of the country. But I used to travel a bit between states for work.

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Thread unlisted. Baffling to hype and suppress all at same time, so the people who are allowed to know the least are those who want to know the most.