What is the frequency response of the 1st Soundcore speaker? Does it go up to 20khz?

Just as the tile says I’m wondering if anyone has the correct frequency response to the first soundcore speaker.

I’m unable to find it online and I can’t do a frequency analysis because all I have is my iPhone right now and it won’t allow me to both analyze and play music. Thank you!

This might help you: https://www.amazon.com/ask/questions/Tx10QT8C6RJEY9B?_encoding=UTF8&sort=helpful

Based on this, when someone did a frequency analysis, they found 17 us to over 17000 khz. (Edit: they can only hear up to 17000 hz, no one really has a definite answer.) They did say that they tested it by ear, but I am not totally sure how you can tell individual hz apart. (Even with perfect pitch, telling 17 hz apart from 18 hz is very unlikely…)

However, another source (http://www.gadgetexplained.com/2017/07/anker-soundcore-2-bluetooth-42-dual.html?m=1) says that the Soundcore 2, not the original, gets from 70 hz to about 20,000 khz, not saying where they got the source from.

I hope this helps!


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