What is the Favorite Anker Product you own

Between outfitting all of the electronics for my whole family I have purchased a bunch of cables and power banks now from Anker. I just recently bought a PowerCore+ Charger for my wife and now I’m going to have to get me one too. I think out of all of the products I’ve ever bought from them, this is my favorite!

I’m in love with every single thing I’ve purchased, but I have to say my 26800 mAh portable charger has to be my absolute favorite.

I’ve mentioned this in some reviews I wrote on Amazon, I don’t understand how every single person that owns a cell phone doesn’t have a back-up charger, or in my family… 5 or 6 of them. we wouldn’t function day to day without them yet so many people just have no clue they even exist!

most of our chargers are smaller than yours but we are in and out of the office here and there so it doesn’t need to last us a whole weekend. 26800 is a lot of Juice!