What is the difference between Powerline II, III and Plus?

I see three different types of USB C cable - Powerline+, Powerline II and Powerline III.
What is the difference between them please?

Hi @Grannybuttons the main differences are the internal build and bend ratings (with newer models being slimmer in some cases), the non-plus models have a slightly different material build and lower bend lifespans for example;

PowerLine II Lightning Cable has 12,000 bend lifespan
PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable has 30,000 bend lifespan

Many thanks. If there’s no difference in data/charge performance I don’t suppose I need to be concerned, since in my situation it won’t move much. But I wish the answer has been on the website, since I was ordering an Anker charger at the same time, and wanted to make sure I got the right cable with it.