What is the best portable charger for everyday use?

what is the best portable charger for everyday use, i need one because my phone has the worst battery life!

I would say it depends on your size and charge requirements. Both of these are decent for topping up during the day. If your a PokemonGo nut however multiple might be needed.


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Knowing almost nothing of your criteria I would go with the 10,000 mAh because as my wise friend once said “I specifically got this charger because it has 1 usb port so I don’t have to share it [if I’m using it].” True genius, that man.


Gotta admit, that quote made me chuckle :laughing:

Ha ha ha, that is great!

That sounds like a good idea to get a charger with just 1 USB port, means no sharing at all if I’m using it, thanks for your help guys.

Can someone suggest me what is the best portable charger for me, my device. I don’t want it to be to big but may require it to have the best capacity of battery life. Thanks a lot!!!

Anker Powerport 2 At least, if you have a lot of device powerport 5 or 6 will be better

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