What Is The Best Anker Power Bank?

Hey guys, I’m new to power banks, and I know that Anker is an amazing company. However, there are so many different power banks I don’t know which one to choose. What do you guys think is the best power bank for your money?

What is your criteria for best? If you want more power - https://www.anker.com/deals/powerhouse2. This thing can power just about anything. If you want power to size then maybe https://www.anker.com/products/A1283041 - this thing can fit in some tight spaces but caries a good punch of power. If you want future thinking then https://www.anker.com/products/A1371012 is quite nice. It has USB type C and a great charge. I think I could go on and on :wink:

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Thanks @Clayton_Reeves, I’ll probably go for the Power Core+ 20100 because its small and packs a punch. Really appreciate it!

Good question!

Likely the most common question.

I’d say it begins with YOU. What are your important needs?

Do you value most:

  • waiting until your phone is flat then want to recharge fast?
  • size of the battery
  • weight of the battery
  • cost of the battery
  • how many recharges you get?

If you can answer these, then you can begin to steer to what is best for you.

What is your phone?

@nigelhealy I have an iPhone 7+, and I am looking for something that charges fast and isn’t too bulky.

Charges fast, so then not the Power core+ mini as it 1A output

Look at the Powercore Slim 5000 as its small and does 2A output.

They all rock!

I was going to say if portability is key with just a pocket then mini is the way to go but expect frequent charging.

I have a 1200 battery pack which isn’t bad if I’m staying in a hotel and pack it into a suitcase or at a push a bag around town if not concerned about the weight.

I belive the powercore II 10000 is the best since it is compact, nice looking, and charges super fast

It’s always going to be subjective based on people’s needs and what they feel is better

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