What is sufficient to become Power User?

I have written Amazon reviews of Anker products in the past and a couple here in the forum. I prefer to not make youtube videos, is what I have enough? what do you guys recommend? I really want to become a power User and would happily do whatever anker asked of me to write on any website @AnkerOfficial.

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Even lie?? :hushed:


Have you tried applying before? If not, gather some of your best and constructive Amazon or community reviews and try submitting an application, they can only say no :grin:. I applied with my Amazon reviews (and at that point I was nowhere near the top 500, as now) but I was allowed in (and grateful :smile:).

I do however draw the line at romanticizing (lie) a review if the product does not come up to scratch, Anker or anyone.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: We will not ask our customers to do this.:joy:

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@cdarienzo1 as our moderator said, try again and submit your best review work! If you still fail, you can attend other review campaign in the community. Cos now we are preparing one of that.:grin:

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I know I was just testing him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So I have a question for you power users out there.

How did you meet the social media requirements? Was there some big break where you all of a sudden got 50,000 followers on social media? How long did it take to get 2,000 followers on YouTube? Are there any tips and tricks for ballooning your online presence?

I admit I haven’t really gone after a large online following, mostly because it seems impossible. There are so many others out there doing good reviews why would I wind up with any followers?

Anyway, I’m just asking for the perspective of anyone that’s “made it” (or not) - how did you get there? What did it take?


You don’t need that much subscribers or followers (More the better). Add in your social media or even better, a YouTube channel. If you haven’t got a response within a week I would suggest contacting marketing@anker.com

When I joined the power user program I had under 100 subscribers and i got a powerbank from them. Just keep on trying and building up your audience. In total I have received 3 products from them, hopefully I’ll get more this year.