What is so great about Anker?

Hey, guys!

Here you can tell everyone what makes Anker products different!

I like the fact that the products that I have so far, the car jump starter/portable charger and a powercore both are well made, they are durable, have not broken yet and are affordable.

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Anker is that rarest of manufactured materialism: QUALITY FIRST, even whilst innovating; making consumerism fun again!


Great customer service.

This is very true really sets them apart @knutson1003

Not only do they have an outstanding 18-month warranty, they have outstanding product quality. They care about going above and beyond on their products!

Anker products are high quality, and deliver exactly what they are said to deliver. There are many varieties of items so individuals can choose exactly what and how much of it they want.

The quality keeps me coming back for more

the better question is, what is not great about anker. i really enjoy everything the company does

Solid products and great customer service, can’t ask for more

Like stated above, the quality and even though I haven’t dealt with customer service it seems great reviews which makes a big difference in showing that they care about their customers and the quality of the products that they sell. It’s like a good wrench or tool when you hold it in your hand. It feels like it was built to last with the customer in mind and the needs that customers can have.

They make awesome, incredibly durable products, but perhaps the best thing is their standard 18-month warranty and great customer service!

They were one of the first startup resellers to realize the market for reselling Alibaba power banks. Just early to the party.

Quality, service, variety, and also their social media campaigns.

I know that some of their products are rebadged. But are they all resold from Alibaba?

That has come up and I got the impression no?

Yeah I don’t know about most of the products. The one I know is at least a shared product is the robovac.

I saw/got the vacuum discount offer and so searched it and I was hitting similar looking/sounding specific brands.

All of what I bought looks 100% Anker dedicated unique (i.e. made solely for Anker).

75% of them are probably rebranded ali products

You might be right but I’d have to put in the time to know with any confidence.

A few of their products look very very similar, others don’t, to other makes I see.

TBH the price, warranty, support makes me not particular want to go to other brands so whatever magic is under the hood is fine.