what is going on with Powerdraw?

So as i see it right now, the Powerdraw announcements for this week haven’t been released yet, and it’s Wednesday. is there some particular reason for this delay?

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Too many really long competitions, too many email bombs causing too much work for admin.

Not surprised they not picked Powerdraw as they made a monster to solve of hundreds of testing users etc.

Not saying have fewer prizes just make them run shorter so less effort at the end.


i guess shorter entry periods increase some people’s changes to win

To professor’s point, see the amount of test plans they have/will be going through below and it still has a week. That was after a decent amount of test plans for the last round that took some extra time to get through.

Yikes, that is a lot of testers submitting plans.

Assuming half submit a lengthy review, might have to go the way my college professor said he marked exams… stand at the top of the stairs and throw the pile down the stairs. Whoever made it the farthest got the highest mark… or in this case picked to test the product…


They are spending weeks encouraging as many as possible of the million users to apply.

No surprise poor Anker team swamped, I suspect if I were in their busy workweek I’d rethink if this isn’t going way too far.

Anker are dipping in but yes not much activity

I think many staff off?


Yeah, I know in the Soundcore community it is going to be quiet because of the holiday. I would assume it would be the same on here too.

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Well that’s one way to grade them lol

I bet that schedule is why the auction went so long. They probably extended by a week so it wouldn’t end until they got back.

I think Powerdraw is getting killed soon. Less and less focus on it these days

Anker is currently on a holiday break through October 8th, so we’ll see less activity from the Anker team until they fully return to the office.


I thought that too once and so burned down thousands of PBs and won nothing. I’d like be around 11000 PBs if I’d just just stuck to the 1 entry for an item I’d like.

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I kind of hope it doesn’t because while the odds of winning it gives people of lower levels at least a chance to win when they know they can’t win big auctions. Sure do I think any odds entering in for anything are great… no not by any means but I still think it’s nice to have because if people don’t like it they don’t have to participate

Mid-Autumn Festival and National Holiday.

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