What is favorite Powebank capacity & weight?

Bigger capacity, heavier weight!
Which is suitable for you???

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10000 to 15000. 5000 is way to small to be useful as real world performance may only give the phone one charge, but constant screen on games like ingress or pokemon go will suck up the the juice fairly quickly. The 20000s start to get a bit too heavy to carry around with a phone.


Powercore II 20k

This is now my go everywhere with me pack, it fits right in the cross body band of my backpack and can also fit in my hoodie pocket, or my jean pocket with no issues

I prefer light weight, so PowerCore slim 5000 is my favorite!:grin:

Like @nigelhealy it’s the PowerCore 10000 for daily use for me. The PowerCore 26800 when on my hols, which can be used when back at my room…this might get replaced this year for the SolarLite I have, we will see :smile:

I’m not to fussed on weight but I do like to have lots of power. I work long hours at times and even weekends so a 20k multi port is better for me. Plus the kids can get juiced up at the same time. (No moaning needed :grinning:)

[PowerCore II 20k] (https://www.anker.com/products/variant/PowerCore-II-20000mAh/A1260011)

20,1000 powercore+ usb c

Exactly what I came to post.

13,000 is da best.