What is classified as spam/illegal activity?

Can you guys help me figure out what classifies as this?

I’d like to know the answer, too. My guess would be the usual inappropriate things, such as

  • profanity and/or hate speech
  • personally-directed criticism
  • off-topic discussion - for example, starting a thread about how to wax your car.

Plus, since this a manufacturer forum, I think that it would be inappropriate to post comments saying that Anker’s products are bad. Reasonable product reviews, of course. But trolling the host would be bad form.

I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts.

I’ve seen forums where other companies start to promote their own products and stuff. Or since the promotion is going on… for people not to start new topics and leave them blank just to get points or something like that.

When you look at it, you’ll get that “spam” feeling. That’s usually how it goes. They probably have rules too.

I would say the following could be considered as spam / illegal activity, although I think policies will be tweaked over time;

  • insighting racism or hatred (so mark as inappropriate / off topic etc)

  • advertisments such as discount viagra, drugs etc (the stuff your might get in your normal email spam folder) (mark as spam)

  • rival companies giving discount codes or direct links to their products (spam / off topic)

  • off topic posts or topics - namely if you posting about drugs/money making schemes etc. on a thread dealing with speakers / cables etc. While threads such as how do you wash your car might seem off topic, it could be consider a general discussion and therefore not entirely spam

  • users who repeat same posting behavior of the above (spam / inappropriate)

  • users who keep doing personally directed attacks / comments to single persons (inappropriate)

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