What is Apple MFI Certification?

You may have heard about cables being “MFi Certified,” or maybe you’ve seen something like this logo before:

But what exactly does it mean?

Well, MFi is short for “made for iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch.” It’s the name of the Apple licensing program. When you see “MFi,” It lets you know that a product has Apple’s official stamp of approval, and will work perfectly with an Apple device.

MFi Certified products…

  • Stay current with Apple system updates.
  • Do not cause warning messages or compatibility issues.
  • Will not harm your Apple device through normal use

How can I find out for sure if a cable I’m about to buy is MFi Certified?

When a product has completed the requirement for certification, it gets updated to Apple’s searchable database, which you can check here (choose Brand and search for Anker):


One of our very own MFi Certified creations is PowerLine+ II Lightning, the ultra-durable cable that’s yours for life. Not only can you count on PowerLine+ II to last a lifetime, it’s been confirmed by Apple themselves to work perfectly with your iPhone.

Have you ever been disappointed by a substandard 3rd party cable? How would you compare the experience to charging with MFi Certified equipment? Let us know below!:grin:


Awesome! I never knew what MFi stood for until today. I learned the hard way about MFi cables when I picked up a iPhone cable from a truck stop while we were on vacation because I lost my original. I was rather disappointed when after a very short period, it stopped working. I ended up picking up another and ended up getting the warning messages/compatibility issues warning. After I found out about MFi, I sworn never to purchase any cable that was not MFi certified. And with buying Anker cables, I am never worried that I would run into these problems and haven’t. Thank you for the explanation @AnkerOfficial. :slight_smile:


Nice article! I know some people complain about the “Apple tax,” but to me, safety features like this are worth the extra few bucks for a cable.


It’s always nice to remind folks about things such as this. I can’t count the number of iDevices users I’ve encountered who had no idea what MFi meant and were raged about their counterfeit cables heating up their devices or simply didn’t work.

Of course, for most of us here, we are simply buying Anker these days and not worrying about it at all. :sunglasses:


Wow. 677 items on the database. You guys have been busy :heart_eyes:

I have only ever bought 1 cable from Poundland (as I was in desperate need) and it worked for about 3 hours which got me charged so was worth the £1 but after that. Only bought Anker lol


I bought a cheap one from Primark once as it was the right length for my portable charger. Was good but only lasted about a month!

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I’ve bought the inexpensive off-brand cables in the past, but let’s face it–you get what you pay for. Once I discovered Anker cable, I haven’t looked back. Whenever I need an extra cable (or when my Apple cable fails), I’m buying Anker.


Well now, I just feel silly for not putting 2 and 2 together for what MFi actually stood for…
(Hides in shame)

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Great article Anker!! Thanks!

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I only buy MFI certified cables for my iphone. I learned this lesson several years ago.

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It is usually listed on the cable / description of the product

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Yeah, I used to bought a cheap one too, but the charging connection of that cable was broken so quickly…

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I found a lot of people including me didn’t pay attention at MFI Certification, so that’s why we made this thread!:smile:


Yeah I only buy MFI certified cables now too. I used to buy cheap third party ones, only to get that annoying message pop up that it may not be compatible. After that I bit the bullet and just dished out the extra few bucks for quality cables. It has made my life far less stressful.

Great article, I’ve used quite a few of certified and non-certified cables, and the results are blatant: certified cables last longer and are more reliable. Thanks for the great explanation!

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Great article, I get this on some cables that I buy. Never really understood what it meant. Especially if it says its compatible with my phone, I trust it is the right cable.

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Very informative. Good job :ok_hand: