What head phones do people use

Just out of curiosity what brand or headphones do people use
i just cant leave Bose i am the proud owner of the qc35ii i just cant leave them its like apple:joy:
how many people use sound core they have come along way in the past few years!


I have been using my soundcore earbuds for a while. I use my spirit X when I do yardwork or lawn care, and I use my liberty air when I am inside, or really when I’m doing anything else.

Before I got these, I used my BeatsX for Everything. I haven’t owned a pair of over ear headphones in years, and when I did, I didn’t own any nice pairs.

I would love to get some Soudncore headphones. I would also love a pair of bose headphones!

I use the following on regular day to day basis

  • Bose QC35ii
  • Sennheiser HD598
  • Sennheiser PX100ii
  • Sennheiser PX200ii
  • Grado SR80e
  • Anker Soundcore Vortex
  • Anker Soundcore Space NC
  • Anker Soundcore Life 2

Have Soundbuds Lite, SoundBuds IE20, Soundcore Curve, Soundcore Spirit X, Surge, Pamu, Jabra Elite Active 65t, Bose Quietcomfort.

Of all of these love the Soundcore Spirit X for the comfort on my ears and battery life. Recently was on a trip to Washington DC, and used three different headsets … Only Soundcore Spirit X was the best out of 3 ( Surge, Jabra Elite were other 2)

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Jesus crist

I have some of these old styled Sennheiser ( MX 365 ) ,
because the “modern” earbuds cause me pain.
Perfect and not expensive.

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I love my Bose QCIIs, too! However, day-to-day I’m typically using Apple AirPods because I usually need to hear what is going on around me.

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I use the Soundcore Vortex, SoundBuds Tag, and the earbuds that came with my iPhone. I still have a pair of OLD Sony noise canceling headphones, but I need to replace the foam cushion & cover on them. The Vortex and Apple earbuds get the most use.

Sennheiser HD1 Wireless (now known as Sennheiser Momentum Wireless)
V-MODA Crossfade Wireless 2

Feel free to send any of those over to me! I’ll take any of them! :joy:

I can’t seem to get on well with earbuds :joy::joy:

Damn, I didn’t realized that we are also talking about earbuds. I only listed my bigger headphones.
For earbuds I regularly use

  • Shure SCL4 (my absolute fav)
  • Airpods
  • Soundcore Spirit Pro
  • Soundcore Curve
  • Soundcore Arc
  • Soundcore Life NC
  • Liberty Air Black
  • Liberty Air White
  • Zolo Liberty
  • Aukey EP-B60 (This is becoming my new fav)

Only really use my Liberty Air’s and my JBL Endurance Run’s. Thinking of grabbing a pair of anc headphones soon though

I thought the first list of yours was already crazy but wow :o

Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 and Bose QC35 are my daily used ones

I have never been fan of headphones,when unbox new iphone instantly give factory headphone to my bro :joy:

Hate the ear phones Apple give there crap :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Don’t give them to anyone, they will hate you forever :joy:

There sound quality is decent, but they have no noise isolation. No thank you

I hate how apple ear buds fit in your ears it’s horrible