What have I purchased?

The model number says T8112, I thought I was buying a eufyCam with the Sony Exmor sensor but at the moment I’m confused what I have.

I note that the base unit wanted to connect to the same router as an android smartphone running the eufy app. It then merrily updated its firmware. Since I hadn’t entered the router internet password into it do I assume it used the smartphone connection to the internet to grab the firmware update in someway?

Is there a user manual available somewhere? The box seemed to indicate there is such a thing but it seemed to be missing.

Thanks John

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Seems like you have a eufycam e.
If you scroll down to the middle of the middle of the page in the link you’ll find a downloads option for the instructions.

You might also want to post in the Eufy Community.

Sounds like what I’ve purchased wasn’t what I was expecting but will probably do the job.

I was hoping for a bit more documentation than the Quick start guide.

Thanks John

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Hi John
So was it the one in the link above?
Its a shame its not what you thought, but by all accounts a great video doorbell.

Does the app give you any further info?
Sometimes these things have info in the help section of the accompanying app. That might be worth a look if you haven’t already.