What happened to the security light cam & doorbell?

Just wondered if they are still being released?

Any kind of timeframe?

How secure will the doorbell be? (Asking after seeing the reports about ring)

Any other items that have been mentioned going to be released? Keypad, sounder etc


I trust anker to be secure about stuff like this :wink:.

As far as other information I don’t know. They should still be released, I can’t imagine anker canceling a project like this without announcing it…


Security is the most important issue with all of this “smart home” things!
Seeing how unsecure and bumptiously programmed most of them are, is frightening.
Every manufacturer should be liable and pay billions of fees, if there products risks or harms customers data, security or life!

I mean this in general, not only for anker/eufy, every company worldwide which sells smart products and don’t give a sh*t about the security of their products.

Just saying.

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I have a ring doorbell and external ringer, which has worked fantastic! I would be interested in swapping out the Ring doorbell with an Anker branded one, if available. I would like to see what the yearly cost, if any, would be to have cloud recording and remote access to videos as Ring charges about $30 a year. BUT the security issues that @yamyam mentions is alarming!

I think their in the testing phase.

Now would be a good time for an update from @AnkerOfficial, @AnkerTechnical, or @AnkerSupport. Last we heard was Spring 2019, which is less than an hour away at the time of posting!


Spring for doorbell, light was supposed to be 2018

You’re right… I think the floodlight cam is close.

I didn’t hear anything about the floodlight yet. The doorbell is still in Beta testing phase as far as I know.
@AnkerOfficial can I say this? :thinking:

No plans for a keypad or external alarm as of now.

I’ve been in the market for a doorbell camera as my Arlo Pro camera is elevated so it does not give me a huge view of my entire front yard as well as the door. I want something more eye level and have seen the Ring as being a good option, but I would love to have a Eufy one so I can limit the amount of apps I have to open/doanload. Having Arlo, Nest, Eufy, Yi and Kasa currently is not fun.

I’ll be interested in the doorbell. if it has a cam and speaker/mic that will be great.
Currently I use an old iPhone 4s as a security cam (using Alfred app).

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That with security is true. All these IOT products are one of the biggest reason why we have big ddos networks. Manufacturer don’t care about it. It’s the same with smartphones

This is exactly I was looking for a eufy video door bell. No idea how long it will be before we see it in the market. Wish I could take part in the Beta Test.

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Yeah… completely forgot about the doorbell, would def be interested in this


The video doorbell has now hit FCC



Looks fab. I’m in love :heart_eyes:

I’m still seeking info on the floodlight cam. Eufy web page currently says “Coming soon.” Any idea how soon?

It’s in beta testing right now. So it shouldn’t be to much longer before it is released.


A few questions about the Floodlight, if anyone knows:

  • Will it be powered by batteries, or wired AC or DC?
  • Will the camera connect wirelessly to existing Eufycam home base units?

Wired AC power
Wireless video but unknown if its an ip camera or if it connects to the homebase

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