What features would you like to see in a keyboard?

I have been hunting around for a portable bluetooth keyboard recently & settled on one from Anker. It covers of most of the main things you’d look for, but with the 100’s of variants available online from the likes of Amazon, it got me wondering what really makes a keyboard stand out from the crowd? Is it portability, durability, battery life, pairing with multiple devices…?. What’s the main difference between a keyboard costing $20 versus one costing $200? (I’m not looking for the $180 answer here!:

It has to be a Bluetooth keyboard, not RF, and have a toggle for switching between which device is paired with.

If you also want it to be mechanical then it will be around $200.

To have a built-in trackpad too, I’ve tried some of these before bit never with great success.
Also, the ability for it to work with Set Top Box like Virgin Tivo (UK) or Sky (UK/US).
Would definitely be interested in something like this.

i like simple things, like the mac key board has hot keys (that don’t require fn to be held, although there is the option there)

You can’t beat the Mac Keyboard and track pad. Both are Bluetooth and pairable to iPads as well as computers. Not the best for portability but definitely a money saver if you already have an iMac at home!

For me, if I’m going to use it on a somewhat regular basis it has to be ergonomic (ie. curved). Particularly with the small size of most travel/mobile keyboards the small key size makes it difficult to use (at least for me) if it doesn’t have that ergo/curved design.

With that said I’ve been using Ergo/Curved keyboards for the last 15 years both at home and work, so I struggle a bit even with a laptop keyboard.