What earbuds are best?

I have a pair of the original Soundbuds and I’ve loved them, but lately the sound feels tinny and they are slipping out. I’ve looked at the Spirit X and wondered what you all think might be the best (all around sound/comfort) solution offered right now.

I’m no athlete, so they are for long walks (that I’ll call excercise) and MAYBE an occasional run.

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The spirit X are a great overall pair of headphones.

It was noted at CES and other announcements that they are releasing Spirit X2 sometime in August. I’m not sure how badly you need them, but I would wait!

If you are looking for truly wireless, the Soundcore Neo/Liberty Lite or Soundcore Liberty Airs are truly a great value and provide wonderful sound, convenivence and no cord tickling your neck :joy:

You can’t really go wrong. But I’m sure others would like to know what other features you would like! Please let us know!


NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE! I had no idea the X2 were on the way.
I can definitely wait.

I prefer the cord because I tend to lose things and a bright color makes them easier to find.

I like the full wireless ones I’ve seen, just don’t think I’m quite ready to make the leap.

I believe the X2 are going to be Truly wireless. But they are a little bigger than the Neo/Lite/AIrs that are just the earbud. The X2 will have the ear hook and a bigger form factor.

I can’t wait for those either!

Just read over the link and there is a note that the X2 are cancelled. With the added improvement I think the Spirit 2 are right down my alley.
Now let’s see where pricing lands

Spirit X pros:

-hooks keep them on your ears
-extremely durable
-water resistant

-They begin to get uncomfortable- especially for people with small ear canals (me).
-the sound quality is extremely mediocre

I have the Neo’s and they are pretty solid. I use them when I am doing yard work and have to adjust them here and there, but all in all I have had no problems with them whatsoever.

I have these Spirit X and can say it is a great headset, comfortable on ear for long duration use.

Have also read a lot about Liberty Air and recently read an article on comparison between it and Air Pods. Liberty Air stands out !!

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I would wait for the new headphones Anker has coming, but I myself do have the spirit x and they are my favorite earbuds, period.

Band sound quality?! you broke my heart with that one. I’d heard otherwise.
Thanks for the heads up though

That’s more inline with what I hear most often in regards to sound quality.

The Liberty Air keep popping up and after looking at them, that’s a nice form factor, specially since most other wireless buds are so… bulbous. I think those will join my list of consideration

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I have the liberty air and couldn’t recommend them more. The sound quality is great on them, and they pair instantly. The are extremely comfortable and have meant options for sizes of eartips…

Ultimately I think that’s what I’m going to do.
@Shenoy got my interest piqued with the Liberty Air, are those being updated in the next few months?

I am not sure if they will or won’t, but they are really good earbuds, if I didn’t need the sports features of the spirit x I would surely have wanted the liberty airs instead.

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few days ago I had the same question and found this article helpful https://validpick.com/best-anker-earbuds/