What does everyone think of the full coverage screen protectors

I’ve just got a new iPhone 7 plus and notice that Ankers offerings for the iPhone 7 plus are a little thin on the ground.

I loved their iPhone 6 full coverage screen protector that curved round the display and made swiping up for the control center to turn wifi/bluetooth on and off less scrapy on your finger as the flat screen protectors tend to do, but they don’t seem to have one for the current generation of iPhones.

Am I the only one who liked the full coverage screen protectors? What does everyone else think of them?

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The only challenge manufacturers face is designing a screen protector made out of glass mind you, that contures to the exact curves of the iPhones screen. which would bring costs up as well as user errors from improper placement and damage to the protector and possibly phone itself. We live in an age where people can not simply follow instructions or read instruction prior to taking on something new. Improper installation Im sure accounts for a lot of returns from individuals claiming they received a defective protector.

As i have received many screen protectors to review from various sellers, i have noticed that rarely are there full coverage and curved screen protectors now. In about 4 that i received for iphone 6 plus only 1 was a proper one that covered the whole screen and was curved. I think the quality of glass screen protectors has generally decreased as the market is flooded with cheap ones.

So Anker did originally advertise a full coverage glass screen protector for the 7, but now I can’t seem to find it… That said the protector for the 6s variant should actually work for your phone as the screens design hasn’t been updated. Be careful tho, a 6 glass protector from Anker will mess with the pressure sensing of the screen so make sure to get the 6s variety of you choose to do so.

I dislike all screen protectors. call it a pet hate, but a gorilla glass screen is designed to take a beating.
After spending £*** on a phone, the screen should be fit for purpose for having a portable life. My nexus 5 screen lasted 2 years in near spotless condition until I accidentally dropped it down two flights of concrete steps!
It surprisingly still works, even though there is a crack from the top left to the bottom right of the screen! I now have a protector on it to stop me cutting myself…

The glass protectors have always seemed to crack on the phones I have installed them on. I personally do not have a glass one on my phone but I have had a few of the polyurethane film protects on my personal phones. None of them are perfect but the Ghost Armor ones I have used seemed to be the best when it comes to healing from scratches. I put my phone in my pocket sometimes with other items like coins or a set of keys (not intentionally). Most of the ones I have used besides Ghost Armor’s get scratches that stay.

I had an accident with my phone the other day actually where my daughter was holding my phone and we were on a rocky area. She dropped it faced down on some jagged rocks. The screen look liked it had some divots that were on the glass, after removing the protector the screen was perfectly fine only the protector had taking the divot and it actually cut it. I will continue to use polyurethane film protectors. A glass protector would have easily cracked. Yes it would have needed to be replaced like the polyurethane film protector but these will not cut you if you continue to use the cut plastic screens like a glass one would.

If Anker provides a polyurethane film protector that can heal from scratches I would use it.

I’ve used a couple of these tempered glass protectors before and recently got one of Ankers to review. I don’t often drop my phone which is why I got tired of the big otterbox case (that and I wanted a case with a design :grimacing:) so I was excited to try this glass protector.

Like mentioned it leaves the iPhones rounded corners unprotected but just get a case that has a lip for the corners. So far my phone has taken tumbles and even a straight drop on its screen (yikes!) and neither the actually screen or the screen protector are damaged.

My one recommendation is be VERY VERY throughout when applying the screen protector if you should happen to get one. I made the mistake of using the sticky strip to remove the tiniest of dust particles and I ended up with two bubbles. Not a big deal, you can’t see them when the phone is on but just something to watch out for.

I prefer just screen protectors as whole phone protectors would mess with the ability to use a case.

Always used full screen glass protectors since getting my first smart phone many moons ago, all of which have kept the screen in pristine condition and not caused a knock on the re-sale value of my phone. Could it be a waste of money with Gorilla glass, possibly, but I would rather waste £10 than possibly drop the re-sale value by £50 plus from a scratched screen. However getting a truly full screen protector (especially in glass for recent phones with curved edges) is one thing I have not managed to find :rage:

Anker used to sell a curved one for the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, it was lovely. I had a spec under which was irritating but i swear dust knows where you’ve wiped and want to settle there.

I agree that the phone is nicer without a screen protector and that the premium glass on an iPhone should withstand scratches, but they don’t… I had an iPhone 5 that i had in my pocket with my keys (because Apple were so proud how hard the glass was) and I wouldn’t say that it got scratched, but it definitely got scuffed which is almost worse than a scratch because the affected area is larger. Since then I’ve always had a glass screen protector, it feels like a naked phone except when you scrape the sides and you can replace it if it gets damaged.

I’ve noticed that after a couple of years, if I change the protector, that the one I take off is tinged yellowish almost like the light has aged it, I can’t tell when it’s on the phone, only when i took it off, I wonder if that is just screen protectors or if the actual screen will change colour too?

Probably just the material of the screen protector. Ever tried to see if the tinge is removed with an alcohol based wipe?

I am waiting Anker’s for the iPhone 7, I would buy the 6s but can’t find it.

They only have white for the 6S.

I go without and have done for years, I have had 3 HTC’s with gorilla glass and find this sufficient for my needs. I hate the sensitivity reduction protectors give.

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