What do you want Anker to improve?

Is there anything that you don’t like about Anker? Or if you had to pick something for Anker to improve on, what would it be?
This is quite a difficult question for me to answer since I really do love their products and website.
I would probably say adding a live chat feature to their website or something with contacting them, even it is already easy to contact them it wouldn’t hurt to make it even easier.

I’m honestly not sure. I do like that live chat feature but I think facebook does a good job of that.

I got one, for them to change their “store front” on Amazon. You know… where you see an item and under it you see “by (blue colored company name)” Well if you click the company name it would take you to what that Company/Seller offers. But when I click on Anker’s all I see is wall chargers, car charger, few powerbanks and some cables…I don’t see the flashlights they offer, wireless charging pads, cellphone replacement batteries…etc. It doesn’t really show all the things they offer, sure you can search “Anker” on Amazon but it would be nice to see a page of a little more of everything or what have you.

Offering more items for reviewing/evaluating would be nice.

I would like to see a store like the US have for the UK with free shipping. I think the charges on amazon for shipping things like cables seem a little excessive.

I hadn’t thought about this, I definitely think that this would be something cool that they could improve. Especially since a lot of people who shop on Amazon will never see Anker’s actual site to learn about their other products.

My USB charger. I wish that it were more stable. It’s so big that when you plug it in, it can fall out of the wall. If they can make it a little bit thinner, I think that would make it work.

is it an older model? i dont have this issue so i think it might have been fixed with newer models of their products… or maybe i just have tighter wall outlets lol shrug